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Anything I want it to be
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A bit more...Everyone's out to get you.

Posted 27-11-2004 at 21:05 by Acrylic-bob

When I am not out taking photographs for the puzzles or being dragged around by Acrylic-Biff or driving myself insane trying to get the new business sorted out. I sometimes have time to relax with a nice conspiracy theory or two. Well everyone needs a hobby.
One of my current favourite internet occupations is cruising alternative news sites. I find the amount of inventive nonsense that these sites often carry amazing and quite often amusing, particularly at the moment given the recent U.S. Presidential Elections.

Iíll quote one here, that should give you the links to a great many others:

It is horrendously American, insular and often naÔve and the spelling and grammar can be truly dreadful. They are all convinced that someone is either out to get them, or is lying to them, or is bent on world domination. They just donít seem to be able to agree on who that someone might be. President Bush and his associates appear to be the current favourites with H.M. The Queen coming in a close second together with a full supporting cast of industrialists, international bankers, rogue intelligence agents, mad scientists and terrorists. I am sure that there are the seeds of several award winning comedies in all this. And yet, there is some quite disturbing stuff that occasionally floats to the surface, stuff that is somehow overlooked by the mainstream media. If you are prepared to put up with the dross, the half-arsed and half-baked political analysis, the quasi-religious claptrap and the hysterical over-reaction there is some good fun to be had, and a fair bit of thought provoking comment.

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    Re: A bit more...Everyone's out to get you.

    What's the business A-b?
    Posted 27-11-2004 at 21:36 by WillowTheWhisp WillowTheWhisp is offline

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