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Trip To London!

Posted 24-05-2010 at 21:34 by AccyLass

What a fantastic time we had!

Bernie and I arrived at just after dinner on Thursday, sat in Embankment Park enjoying a picnic, while taking pictures of just about everything, including huge stone elephants

Walking down the Thames towards the hotel we were very lucky to be able to watch a bloke fit his entire body though a tennis racket!
We eventually managed to drag ourselves away from all the wierd and wonderful acts that were going on.

Arrived at the hotel to check in and what a lovely hotel it was, County Hall.
Lovely room, staff very friendly and the view of the London Eye was just amazing!
As tempted as we were just to sleep when we got up to the room, we decided to...
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willows wedding pics

Posted 18-05-2005 at 11:06 by Mick

Hi all i just had to tell you a little story
just before Willow and busman's wedding i went over to Blackburn to get another memory card for my camera in the shop i bought a 512 mb memory card they put it in a little bag and i thought that was that,
when i got home i took the memory card out and knowing the recipet was in the bag put it in a drawer .
i but the card in the camera and it worked fine i went to the wedding and took 83 pics .
i uploaded them to the pc and sorted them out and uploaded them to the accyweb gallery .
i also made a cd of the pictures for willow and busman ,
then i wiped all the pics off the camera memory and put the camera away
thinking that was that
the next time...
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a dead nite life

Posted 29-06-2008 at 19:20 by tashlife
Updated 29-06-2008 at 19:50 by tashlife

plez let me knw wot ud want from a nite club .Wher ud like to see it . thankyou xas this is taking so long to get a repliy let me tell you half of the pubs in accrington are due to close whitch is a result of no nite life in the town . ppl are going else were as it cramd in the so calld nite clubs in the town cente and very gruby no doors on the loos you all know were i mean lol!!! so this a chance to save ur fav PUBS and get the lime light back on accrington as we need it .
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Birthday blues

Posted 05-02-2008 at 15:25 by blazey

Well today has been a complete failure. I'm ill, I'm upset, I don't know why I bother.

At home they whinge about you being at uni, saying you know nothing about the real world, at uni they sterotype you about where you come from and prejudge you, how do you win?

Someone has gone as far to say there is more pride in being on benefits today rather than working for less. Is that what its come to?

Should I just have a baby instead of ploughing through years of study, is that enough of an achievement now alone to gain respect in life? My grandma laughed last year when i said I was still at college, she said it was pointless and my mum went mad, and yet what i'm doing isn't the norm at all, so is she right...
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update on Linden's footy..

Posted 01-09-2005 at 23:00 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

OOOO I am soooo excited. As mentioned previously about linden being involved in a cup. Well it was the semi finals tonight... What a match, it was so close as the teams were very evenly matched. Just had to say that HE WON 3-2, YIPPEE!!! It was so surreal, final 5 mins and score is 2-2 and then the other team put one in back of net only for it to be overruled as offside, phew! About a minute left on the clock and we're all talking about extra time and suddenly there is a burst down the line as one of the players runs for his life, crosses it into the box and in a panic one of the other team brings one of ours down!! "PENALTY" I SCREAMED!!!! And for once I do believe the ref was actually listening... Well you can imagine nervous was...
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