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They think it's all over........

Posted 29-12-2005 at 19:08 by West Ender

Well, that's another Christmas been and gone. Phew!

The Christmas tree is still looking good, we've watered it and it hasn't dropped any needles. The holly on the mantlepiece still looks quite fresh but I only picked it on the 24th so it hasn't had time to dry out. The cards are still on the door and up the bannisters, you can't beat Blue-tack. I'll have the whole lot down by this time next week.....Yeah!

Today might have been, but fortunately wasn't, one of my most embarrassing ever. A young couple bought the house opposite about 9 months ago and they have had builders in ever since, building an extension on the side and doing lots of interior alterations. Just before Christmas they moved in. They put...
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Posted 19-01-2006 at 21:07 by junetta

We had a wander over to Bar Antonio earlier for a couple of beers which is a normal thing for us to do around six in the evening. It's good to meet up with a few other English folk that live here and pass an hour or so catching up. It's also a good chance to practice our Spanish because the staff only speak a little English.
We were around halfway down our second beer when this group of English people turned up. We've never come across them before. They eventually got themselves sorted at a table and one woman took charge. She informed the others that she could speak Spanish and started to tell the waiter, our mate Juan, the meal orders. One of the males in the group asked her to ask our Juan if there was garlic
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Sometimes the Devil takes on many forms

Posted 07-07-2008 at 23:07 by Less
Updated 09-07-2008 at 11:09 by Less

1977 was a very good year for me the birth of my first born moving to a cosy new house, we were very happy.
Unfortunately not long after post natal depression set in and back then there was no such thing as maternity leave never mind paternity!
So if you wanted to keep your job you had to turn up no matter what.

Then one Wednesday evening I came home and my wife was a little lifted excited even, these very nice people had called and look they left her a Bible with pages marked to help her through her pain, also they had invited her to a meeting the following day to meet more friends.

That was how the nightmare began, it turned into a living hell for us that would have severe effects for...
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What Does Accyweb Mean To You

Posted 01-09-2008 at 17:35 by Less

This is a complex question for me, & rather than take up a great deal of space within the thread I thought I would reply in a blog so that those that want to read can and those that don't....

Firstly I think a little History, accyweb started around March 2003, it was when Roy and several other of his workmates were working for a while in Moscow, Broadband wasn't in general use at the time and everyone had very expensive dial up modems.

Roy decided as he was an ex-pat he would start a web site so that he and his friends could keep in touch with home.

He was very lucky because his friends were willing to help get it up and running and become moderators.

He was even luckier because very soon...
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What a waste of a qualified engineer's time

Posted 06-09-2012 at 21:15 by Less

As some of you know I have been unemployed for about 18 months now,
Trying, but not succeeding to find work, age is what I think put's most off offering an interview.
I've put up with the dole, some workers on here lucky enough to never have been unemployed and indeed friends saying a person in my position should take any job going.

Well I've been applying for them, at last I got an offer of an interview, and yippee it's in my trade, fantastic.

Now it was a job advertised by the dole, repairing surgical equipment, hours tobe discussed wage above minimum wage, (that means negotiated but probably towards the low end of an hourly rate).

So I arrange via email to appear at the Company at...
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