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It's been a interesting 12 months, this time last year I was looking for a job and paid good money to go to Morocco to fly a Boeing 737-800 for 500 flight hours. As things turned out I was offered a job in July with a rival airline based in Casablanca, flying both the 737-800 and the older 737-400. So now I get home to Accrington and my Girl once a month for a week or so.
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Early Morinings

Posted 13-05-2008 at 08:12 by Boeing Guy

After having a few days off, I was meant to be flying Casablanca to Paris Orly today and back. The flight was scheduled for 08.10 Local (09.10 UK time). We have to be at the pick up point at least 1 hour 40 mins before and I try to get there 2 hours before, to get an earlier bus do I can get the paperwork for the flight squared away. So I awoke at 05.15 Local, got showered, dressed in my really cheesy Royal Air Maroc Nylon/Polyester uniform (sticks like no other, thank goodness I have my own shirts, Van Heusen Aviatior Pilot shorts 80% cotton) pop my M&S shoes on (the ones they give us are awful) and have my cornflakes for breakfast. Just got into one of the great taxi's thay have here, today a knackered old Peugeot 205 tell the driver I want 'casa anfa' the name of the old airport! and my phone rings. The man at dispatch confirms that I am flying today and then tells me that my flight has been canceled because the aircraft has gone 'tech' (Broke down) they are putting a 757 on instead (I cannot fly those) , by now we are reaching the old aiport, so in very broken french I inform my driver that I need to go home. Thankfully he understands and takes me back, cost 35 Dirhams (1.30). I get changed, make some starbucks coffee (running low) sit down and start to catch up. Right now I am really tired and wish I could go back to bed, however one of my flat mates is haveing a very loud conversation in french (he's from Reunion Island, near Mauritius) with his soon to be ex girlfriend (shes after dumping him) on skype. He had a lvery late night, due to the girlfriend, got very drunk, a open bottle of whisky is on the table, good job he is off for a few days. Still thats life, at least I will be coming home in a week, for a week off to see my girl and touch base. I also have to renew my 737 rating, at my own cost aggggh, and will be traveling to Gatwick to do that. The joys of being a pilot!
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