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We are a discussion forum dedicated to the towns of Accrington, Oswaldtwistle and the surrounding areas, sometimes referred to as Hyndburn! We are a friendly bunch please feel free to browse or read on for more info.
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I'm all over the place today......

Posted 25-03-2005 at 22:10 by Busman747 (The Life and Times of Busman...)

Its strange that with age comes an ability to forget what you did (or even where you were) yesterday but with a little thought, memories of decades ago come flooding back…

A regular topic on the Accy web is the punishment of children. I am generally anti-smacking but NOT because the PC Brigade have managed to push through a stupid law forbidding parents from administering a chastising smack to their off-spring (note the word “smack” rather than “hit,”) I still consider a slap to the wrist of a baby that’s reaching out for a dangerous or hot object necessary until they reach an age where the parent can communicate with them verbally and after that point, smacking should be looked upon as assault.

I have had two...
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slow down Geoff!!!

Posted 24-03-2005 at 00:20 by Busman747 (The Life and Times of Busman...)

I feel that I am rushing through my life a little too fast....but with the massive changes in my life over the last year or so, I am probably in a hurry to record the up to date things that are happening to me, I must be patient, I will get to the 21st century soon enough....
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Eleven to seventeen (ish)

Posted 24-03-2005 at 00:11 by Busman747 (The Life and Times of Busman...)

When I was eleven……

I found that life existed outside of my village… Girls still did not come into the equation, (Well, not until I was thirteen)

I started at Britain Street School! Its name was actually Priory Secondary Modern but Britain Street sounds “’arder!” so all the students? That’s a laugh, called it that. Looking back, I think that I should have gone to the Grammar school but failed my 11 plus….WHY? Because my village school failed to inform me of my future. It probably sounds daft now but I remember taking “mocks” and then sitting the eleven plus…..BUT I WAS NEVER MADE AWARE OF THE IMPORTANCE OF THIS EXAM!!! I seem to remember that about three children made the grade and went to Grammar School,...
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Genesis....The Beginning

Posted 20-03-2005 at 23:07 by Busman747 (The Life and Times of Busman...)

My very first on-line diary...and it suddenly disappeared into the depths of the ethernet....all because Roy pushed a wrong key

Well, at least it gives me the opportunity to start afresh and I will start my new diary with some background on who I am and where I came from

Born in Totternhoe, a village just outside Dunstable, Bedfordshire on the 10th April 1952 (Yippee, its my birthday soon.) I am the eldest of three, my sister is 5 years younger than me and my "little" brother (who weighs around 18 stone) is 10 years younger.

I lived a very protected life as a child as I was isolated from the townies until I was eleven and had to leave the village school to go to "Britain Street"...
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