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The Musings of a Mule.

This being the thoughts & commentaries, musings & ponderation of said Donkey. A rather irrelevant look at life & its aspects seen through the eyes of someone who finds thistles ........ rather tasty !
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Well actually, we chose to go

Posted 06-03-2012 at 10:00 by DaveinGermany
Updated 06-03-2012 at 18:24 by DaveinGermany

Coventry, its mere utterance conveys thoughts of banishment, British Leyland & its cars, strikes, Jags, pervs, nuddy wimmen’. Still, it’s not all doom & gloom it was here we actually got to see our first live game of Footy in 2012 & what’s more they won …! Yeah (something of a novelty, compared to the following games we went to, sadly Stanley weren’t on top form while we were home) an actual win & seeing as it was the kidlets (my niece & nephews) first game, what more can you ask for. One day we’ll get them to the Clayton end (hope no one from social services is reading this) & their little Covvey voices will mingle with the twang of Lankyland (and at the same time expanding their knowledge of new & interesting words, my won’t that please Mum & Dad ?) Mum by the way, is my Sister.

Some of you are probably wondering, why Coventry of all places ? Much as my Sister did on first mentioning it to her & granted it may seem an odd choice, bottom of the Championship, getting whupped frequently & hardly the club of choice for many. But in mitigation, our kid lives down that way now, she followed her heart & that daft husband of hers is a Coventry lad (no, no, we can’t all come from God’s Country so lets have some tolerance please) . They live ten minutes from the “Ricoh” & the lil’ darlings (read monsters) need an outlet for their boundless exuberance, my sister needed a bit of peace & quiet & it was half term, so Uncle Dave & Auntie Marion (bless their souls) offered to take said kidlets to the game. Clear so far folks

Anyways, we turned too, about mid afternoon so the fun & games were on ! Sprogs suitably attired, suited & booted, it was into the battle bus & off to the big City. This in itself was somewhat of an adventure, driving with kids is hard enough, but add to that, driving round a busy City you don’t know, with a sat nav that’s about 30 seconds behind the actual road position, with 2 smart arsed back seat drivers aged 8 & 10, in a German car (steering wheel on the wrong side for UK) a Wifey, who helpfully points out we should’ve gone that way after passing the sign/road can only be described as rather nerve janglingly eventful. I can only assume the driverist of Coventry are used to idiot foreigners going round & round on their roundabouts before shooting off up the wrong sliproad & as such have developed a sort of sixth sense for muppet detection, so just ease up, nod, smile & wave you on.

After the streets of terror, we parked up & bumbled across to the City proper, its delights & novelties, there to be fleeced by the mini Shylocks we’d taken under our wing who knew where all the best places were for sweeties, toys, donuts, pop & numerous other things I could only imagine. laden down with goodies & skint (just as well we only see the little ratbags once a year) it was time to return to the suburbs, via the “Ricoh” to pick up tickets & the obligatory Scarves & hats for the nippers (I’d be wearing my Stanley woolly hat in blue as a compromise to the hosts for the evenings entertainment) Ibbs, as expected took the Pink option & Tom, the Sky Blue. Then back to our Sharons to say hello to Si who’d be back from work & have our tea.

Scoff was a right grand affair, a proper knife & fork job, with loads of meat & veg (the good kind, spuds mainly & cheesey leaks) the rugrats wolfed it down despite stuffing themselves in town fit to burst (obviously hollow legs). Tea done, it was kit up again & once more into the madding crowd, but this time at the stadium against the tykes of Leeds United, who’d brought a good crowd of travelling support. We were up in the family section & after 15 minutes or so were things had to be explained at first, the kids soon got the hang of it & where then shouting with the best of ‘em & loving it. The noise, atmosphere, being allowed to shout without being told off & seeing Uncle Dave having to squirm mightily to extricate his arse out of a sling when he used, on occasion, a naughty word.

With the approach of half time & the score 1-1, Ibbs duly noted several people were away to grab some munchies (she’d clocked the hot dog stands on the way in) I needed another programme anyway as Tom had blagged the first one, so off I went for hot dogs & a prowee. While attempting to squirt ketchup & mustard on one dog & balance the other 3, I got chatting to a fella & his boy, he noted the accent (then started to check his pockets) & so I explained my Scally presence in this neck of the woods, duly placated (but still with his hands in his pockets) we talked about the game & then he clocked the woolly hat, he nudged his lad grinned & said “Look, Accrington Stanley !” It was about this time the volume levels started to rise so I wished him well & headed back to the stands. The second half was good, with lots of squirming (well the ref was crap) the kidlets were chinstrapped & hoarse but happy, Cov got a second pen & ran out 2-1 winners on the night. Leaving the “Ricoh” the kids were buzzing they’d really enjoyed it, now all we had to do was get out, get them home, get a brew then shoot off back to me Dads house.

So there it was, what better Valentines day present can you give the Wife ? Go on, you girls love to be spoiled, I think Marion did quite well out of it, not only did we go out, but she got to eat out too ! (can’t beat a bit of sossy in a bun) Proper old romantic me, I knows how to treat a lass proper .

Thanks for reading & you can stop throwing things at me now too ! .....

Pics :- Nuddy wimmen', Coventry sites x 2 (taken on a previous visit), Tom-Marion-Ibbs outside "Ricoh", inside the "Ricoh" x 3, Sky blue Sam & RAF recruiting team (Match sponsors on the night)
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  1. Old Comment
    susie123's Avatar
    That Cov ringroad is a test of any driver Dave - well done!

    Pics take me back - we used to live down that neck of the woods before we came up here. Know that statue well, spent many Saturdays shopping nearby!
    Posted 06-03-2012 at 10:46 by susie123 susie123 is offline
  2. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    Coventry??? Even Hitler disliked that place.
    Posted 06-03-2012 at 12:31 by cashman cashman is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Love the pics son......and you do know you are spoiling that lass of yours don't you?
    Never been to Coventry, but will try most things once! (even haggis - Bleeeeugh)
    Posted 06-03-2012 at 13:59 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is online now
  4. Old Comment
    DaveinGermany's Avatar
    Aye Sue, pretty chaotic to say the least. Cashy, I don't think Adolf liked anyone. I know Ma, I'm going to have to put a stop to this before she gets to accustomed, to the good things in life.
    Posted 06-03-2012 at 18:19 by DaveinGermany DaveinGermany is offline

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