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The Musings of a Mule.

This being the thoughts & commentaries, musings & ponderation of said Donkey. A rather irrelevant look at life & its aspects seen through the eyes of someone who finds thistles ........ rather tasty !
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The last week-end & the return to normalcy (Part Deux 2)

Posted 07-06-2013 at 20:34 by DaveinGermany

Easy like a Sunday morning.

Yeah right! for the Commodores maybe, but not in our house what with with the visiting Commandant in attendance! Mornings are bad enough as they are, but when you've got 4 "Grown ups?", 2 Guinea rats, a mithering Hound doing the rounds & a host of Avians tweeting, cooing & cawing for some scoff to be put out even Mother Teresa would've been reaching for the Gin & smokes at 8:15 in the morning! Rota organised, everyone allocated their SSS time (15 mins then out, make sure you spray, next!) I turned out something edible to keep the waiting ones quiet. Finally, everyone had been scrubbed, fed, placated, we could then get the kit into the car, get off on our way & visit places new. (well, not exactly new, more sort of revisited to be precise) Look out World, the Williams's are on the road again.

Our first port of call (what a surprise, it really is a port! ) Delfzijl in the land of Cheese, Tulips & Clogs, where Wimmin called Antje wear funny hats, stripey dresses & have pig tails & lets not forget the abundance of Dykes! (stick something into one of them & you'll be in a right load of bother I can tell you. ) Anyways, Defzijl, opens out onto the Ems & on a good day you can see Emden. There's always a couple of ships in the floating dry docks there getting repaired so at least Pops would be guaranteed a couple of pics & I know for a fact there's also plenty of Sheep to spot if Ships don't do it for you. (Not saying that Sheep do, that is unless you're of the Welsh persuasion. ) Plus we'd be there about Dinnertimeish so we could have some Kibbs (battered & fried fish bits, don't ask which bits just dunk in the garlic/dill sauce & enjoy) at the Cafe on stilts. There were a few tubs about so the Weasel was whizzing & the rest of us sat back & enjoyed the invigorating Sunshine, brisk breeze & Sea air.

After cutting about the various spotter vantage points & indulging in a portion of Kibbs, we set off for Eemshaven a little further up the coast. Once a refuge of fishing boats & some industrial shipping, the Dutch have reclaimed a vast swathe of land which they've used to build a whole heap of wind turbines upon, increased the harbour size to allow a new ferry terminal (called Beatrix haven for island trips to Borken & the like) & the service ships for the offshore wind parks to load up & work from, all part of Mankind's progress I suppose. So that was Fathers justification, if we'd not gone up there all these years we'd never of seen this evolutionary process. There were a couple of boats to be seen so once more the aged one was quite contented. With time pressing in on us like a tax demand, we had to think about heading back as we'd a table booked for 7ish at an Indian restaurant (I know, a novel concept in Germingland ) so we'd have to start making toes.

It was a fair old haul coming back 230+ km, about 2.5 hours driving time, Pops was feeling quite chilled & happy, so much so he managed not to nod off on the return journey, which is more than can be said for the backseaterists. Home at last, a big mad hurtle round getting stuff squared away, feeding of the beast ..... again! A quick catlick to get the salt & sand out of your eyebrows & off your fizz (hair not being a major issue in my case, what with being an eggshell blonde! ) change of clobber then off. Then making a detour to Marions works as her boss was struggling with some instructions in English, so translations required, after 20 minutes faffing about, it came down to "I tell you what mate, just hit it with a hammer a couple of times till it works or it's completely bolloxed!" on that note we took our leave. Now running 20 minutes late another detour because the local council workies had nicked 2kms of road! Barfturds! Eventually we got to the Indian, piled in & sat down, the Lassie trundled over to light the table candle & before she could set things on fire we were ordering Kingfishers all round apart from the Witchy one as she's taxying it tonight .

The next quarter of an hour was spent perusing & explaining German "Indian" menu's & their approximation in English, although written in both languages it did lose something in translation at times but hey! It just adds to the fun. With much pointing, speaking slowly & loudly (the English art of foreign language mastery) then us repeating it "Auf Deutsche" we gave the Lass our order (which again in true English tradition we asked her to make it right proper hot! ) we chatted amongst ourselves. The good thing about the "Sangam" is that it's in Germany & as such they also do Pizza's & German food due to your typical Deutscher not being to adventurous when it comes to his scoff, 2 meat & 1 veg normally suffices, so when they cook Indian it's fresh, which takes time, which by default means you drink more Beer while waiting. So we did!

Now unbeknownst to yours truly but spotted by our Bev was Indian whisky! I kid you not folks, I have on occasion seen such a bauble in various whisky literature, but to be within drinking distance of this rare beast, I had no choice, I had to give it a bash. Relaying my desires to the staff I was allowed behind the bar to view said prize, sitting out of harms reach & idiots, way up on the top shelf she fetched a step ladder, but being only little couldn't reach it, she then called Hubby/Chef (also in the vertically challenged league) & he couldn't reach, at this point the other diners realized the Cabaret had arrived & was now doing a turn! I stepped onto the ladder clambered up 2 steps, Eureka! I would have my dram! Which was duly brought to the table in its pure unadulterated form, without ice, water & most definitely no coke!(Heathens). It tasted ........ surprisingly quite pleasant! Rather like an Irish Whiskey, even dear old Dad had a sip, then Marion, but Bev just had a sniff, consensus not bad. The other patrons seeing the Cabaret was now over got on with their meal & by now ours had arrived too.

As is the law in our house what you've got is also mine, same as you can have a dollop of what's in my bowl if you like. (proper sharing family us ) So despite ordering only one dish you get to try various ones (except them poisonous veggie ones!) all this eating hot & spicy stuff of course means ....... more Beer! At length we'd all reached that point when enough was enough & we'd best see who'd be doing the dishes while the others legged it! That done it was back home to chill & finish off a good evening with a wee snifter or nightcap if you prefer, some last bits of chat & the acceptance that another family get together was slowly coming to a close, intense as it'd been it had been really good, it's not as if we do it every week-end is it? Distance tends to see to that which is probably a blessing in disguise to be honest, still it won't stop us eagerly looking forward to the next time.

So here I am now, back to the old routine & scribbling this down for those of you that may be mildly interested in our doings, hope you enjoyed the reading as much as I enjoyed recounting.

Look after yourselves, your nearest & dearest & go your way safely. Thanks for reading .....

Pics:- Pops snapping - Delfzijl Marina (x2) - Sheep spotting (x2) - Kibbs Hut - Eemshaven (Beatrixhaven) Dad, Bev, Marion & Grimlin (x2)
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  1. Old Comment
    Stevie R's Avatar
    It's been a while since I last read a DinG blog and now there is 5 in a row!(only just noticed the bloggage)
    Some good tales Dave thanks.

    ps what about your new job? any stories to tell?
    Posted 11-06-2013 at 19:00 by Stevie R Stevie R is offline
  2. Old Comment
    DaveinGermany's Avatar
    Cheers Steve, glad you got some amusement from them. As for work, nah, not really, pretty much run of the mill (Bu-Bum!). But who knows maybe something will crop up.
    Posted 11-06-2013 at 19:30 by DaveinGermany DaveinGermany is offline

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