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The Musings of a Mule.

This being the thoughts & commentaries, musings & ponderation of said Donkey. A rather irrelevant look at life & its aspects seen through the eyes of someone who finds thistles ........ rather tasty !
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A Bayerische bimble (Part 1)

Posted 31-12-2014 at 13:06 by DaveinGermany

Don't be put off by the title folks, the reason it's part one is because to pack out the piccies I amassed, I've got to spread my ramblings over a couple of episodes so here goes!

This years Christmas was going to be somewhat of a deviation from the norm, the quaffing & scoffing were to remain the same glut of overindulgent gluttony & sloth, but the backdrop would be in a foreign land! That land dear readers, "Bayern"! Although loosely classed as Germany, the locals (all those living below the Weiß Wurst Grenze) have their own rather specific views on the topic. If that wasn't intimidating enough, yours truly being a Brit, born & raised but who manages to eke a living mangling the language of the Northern Krauties was definitely going to struggle in the extreme in the land of the Bartz, Bräu & Brezls! Doubly so when you're not sure of their customs, traditions & odd little ethnic folkways. Add to that the fact it'd be at the Mother in laws & her having the advantage of being in her own den!

Anyways, the date of my appointment with doom, fate, impending demise was set by the Witchitty one in collaboration with the auspices of her Mum. We'd travel Tuesday evening after work was done, down the road to perdition & the South. With the jallopy packed (I had to leave the armour, sword, shield, lance, lucky charms & Dragons bane at home, allegedly there was no room in the boot! ) we set forth on our journey about 5 ish into the cold, dark, gloom of a late December eve road trip to the dark heart of the South, "Minas Morgul" or more colloquially known as München. It would be a 6-7 hour excursion in to the colds & wilds of the South, up airy mountains & down fairy glens (we'd be okay as they were having their furred & feathered balls so we'd be able to sneak past without them noticing ), through torturous twisting vallys shrouded in mist & snow! Just as well I'd done some butties & a flask then ay?

A largely uneventful trip with only one slight detour into a place called Hammelburg, here we topped up with gogo juice for the motor & continued on our merry way eventually arriving at about 23.45 (late o'clock) outside the portals of doom & the Dragons den! I got the expected warm reception (and after I'd patted out the few remaining flames, contemplated the singes & finished coughing from the roiling smoke clouds ) I Hugged the M.i.L & said how nice it was to see her again & had it really been nearly 9 years! Goodness me, so long? Still we're here now & days of joy were in the offing. Plus your favouritist S.i.L would be cooking his Goose ...... in a traditional English way, along with the trimmings, an experience so far not witnessed by the M.i.L, my was she in for a treat?

With this promise of sacrifice I was then given Beer & schnappsy things to ease the dust of the road (and the smoke) from my throat. Chatting away merrily Marion & Mum did some catching up & my was there plenty of that to do, they ran through the itinerary of the next few days while yours truly happily supped himself ready for bed, which was by all accounts about 03.00 ish, me & the Hound ambled off to our pits & left them to it swapping spells & potions.

Wednesday, Crimbo eve & our first full day in Bayern. Christmas eve in Germany is a completely different animal than it is in UK, here most folk are off & those shops that are open are open only until 14.00 & as most people have done their shopping it's only the last minuters (blokes mostly you see scurrying about with a look of desperation on their chops, Here I can be quite smug as had done his shopping days ago!) looking to pick up something. Or like us a few essentials, Beer, parsnippy things, some other Beer & some extra spuds as we'd be feeding 5 counting the Grimlin. Shopping done & Germingland closing down we went back home to have some Weißwurst, Semmel & Weiße Bier (isn't culture marvellous? ). Later that afternoon we (well the Germings) did a memory lane jobber as I chauffeured them through Munich, visiting their first house (surprisingly there wasn't the slightest whiff of Gingerbread, or smothering of icing sugar or even a splodge of jelly tot to be seen anywhere! ), their next home, places & people remembered from a distant past, ah nostalgia! The comfort blanket of the common man regardless of nationality.

Good deed for the day done & it was back to the Den to finish the evening off in traditional Bayerische style, abend brotzeit, crowned by a freshly baked "Leberkase" & a veritable deluge of "einheimische" Beer. Tomorrow would be a day for being indoors & family, me cremating things, eating & drinking way too much, sitting up late & planning the boxing day offensive.

Now if that appeals? Keep an eye out on theses pages & the further adventures will reveal themselves, eventually.

Thanks for reading .....

M.i.L reading me the riot act on arrival - Weißwurst, I managed 3 - Grosshadern, M.i.L hatched here, Witchitty one grew up here - Fürstenried & the hostelry "Schwaige" where the F.i.L (now passed away) grew up - Teatime & its Leberkase! - Yeah well, we was rather hungry!
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