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The musings of an alternative bloke

Bit of a break

Posted 02-01-2008 at 13:18 by entwisi

Well, since my last post some stuff has changed somewhat and other stuff stayed teh same.

I still have the commute but now I am back with the Bank as opposed to the bunch of Cowboys and droids that calls itself Accenture.

Julie and I now have the wonderful bundle of fun that is Siobhan. At 2 and 3/4 shes in the age of questioning everything.

Xmas was fun this year as it was really the first where it meant something with Rudolf getting a carrot to munch on. Of course she was spolit as expected. We really need to reign it in next year a bit.
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Spoke too soon

Posted 15-12-2004 at 15:54 by entwisi

Well I had to open my big gob. 2 and a half hours to get home from work. Grrrrrr. Some sodding manhole cover subsided just before thelwall viaduct. Why we don't just fill the sodding Manchester Ship canal in is a mystery to me. There is sod all boats use it anymore. Meanwhile there are only two ways of any significance of getting over the thing so any problem and the whole of northern england grinds to a halt.

Meanwhile work is going silly. WebSphere on three boxes refuses to dump its namespace, PM is baying for the environment and I'm getting silly amount of support requests. Ah well, only a fortnight to Xmas.

Need to go now, work calls

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Hello and welcome

Posted 14-12-2004 at 12:21 by entwisi

I thought its about time a sorted out some sort of blog. Life with me is an interesting journey. Hopefully someone somewhere may find it interesting.

The journey to work is a long and dangerous one. The 55 miles combine with the worst that our wonderful motorway system can offer with the need to be out the door before 6 if I want to get to work in a reasonable amount of time. This morning was quite light. Obviously people are leaving their cars at home so they can get bladdered at the works Xmas do. I only wish it was so easy everyday.

I had some nice Jerky delivered the other day( Venison with Red Wine and Black pepper. Lovely stuff. I started it this lunchtime....
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