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Posted 22-08-2005 at 23:05 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

Only short entry tonight but felt that I still for some reason had to write something. Is it me or does this all become addictive almost like having to take your medication??? If I don't write something I'll let it slide and then that will be the end of the journal....... Well I'm adamant I will continue for ME as sometimes when I look with in myself I start asking "who am I??" "What is my purpose", "What are my goals or ambitions?". So that is my aim.... look to the past, the present and see if I can find who or what I am to move on with my future.

Maybe all this inward analysis is coming from what I'm doing at work at the moment. About 2 months ago I was approached by senior management to study...
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The early years......

Posted 21-08-2005 at 22:45 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

thanks for your kind comments it really is appreciated. Funny how when I read comments like marg has written I suddenly realised that maybe I am stronger than I think. Yes confidence in myself maybe lacking but I also feel I have the strength to not allow anyone to walk over me. That isn't to say I haven't been sh*t on which I'm sure I will recount one of these days, but I do feel that when it really matters my inner strength to protect myself and my loved ones fights it's way to the surface and roars...........

....So I was four years old and moving to a whole new town. My memories are quite vague of arriving there but I do remember the excitement I felt of being shown my new bedroom and being told that I could have it painted...
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Who am I???

Posted 20-08-2005 at 20:55 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

Funny how when it comes to say a bit about yourself it's always the negatives that come springing to mind??? It's a bit like being in an interview and they ask you to tell them your positive attributes or what would you bring to the job and your mind goes completely blank. Anyone know what I mean or is it just me?? I know I have quite a low self esteem and I'm very good at beating myself up about what I believe to be my negative traits (not looking for sympathy just being honest), and yes my friends do get quite annoyed at me for being like that. This is one of the reasons for starting this blog...maybe, just maybe I might learn something about myself by reading it as I mentioned in my comment in letties blog as astory and not as if it was...
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Where to begin

Posted 19-08-2005 at 23:02 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

Ok I've been threatening to do this for ages but not really knowing where to start. I have so much enjoyed reading the other blogs but am saddened that I've missed the early entries. At this moment in time I have no idea what I will add to this journal but thought I would just start by saying hi. I'm sure as time goes on something will happen and I will think ooo I must right that in my blog.... but as yet the title is very apt...waffle. If anyone has anything they would like to know or ideas of where I should start please comment. If your wondering why I've even bothered, well I have come to this page so many times to start one and then backed out so tonight I've gone for it....................
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