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a paler shade of white

Posted 31-01-2008 at 23:43 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

Well what a few days I have all started early hours of Tuesday morning when my youngest son (14years old) came into my room and said he had a really bad pain in his stomach, he was sorry to wake me but he had been in agony for the past couple of hours (bless him for thinking about me!!) I told him to lie down on my bed, checked his temperature (which was normal) and went and got some pain killers. The poor love didn't know what to do with himself, but he eventually started to doze a bit...but I was wide awake and must admit a bit worried!!! He is not one for being ill, in fact hasn't had a day off school since he was about 7 and even when he has a bad cold or hurts himself, he never moans.

He tossed and turned in a fitful...
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Day of reckoning...

Posted 16-01-2008 at 22:40 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)
Updated 16-01-2008 at 22:43 by harwood red

So here were are the day I would find out if I had got the job..

I was in work early due to dropping my youngest son at his work experience in church thanks to sparkologist who sorted out the placement

Both my Managers came in, nothing was said...waited an hour, checked their desks and they were both missing... checked their electronic diaries and they were both in a meeting with the Director of Housing

Waited as long as I could but had my first visit booked for 10.30am so unfortunately had to leave...ironically today was going to be a very busy day to the extent I knew I wouldn't get back to the office until about 4pm.

Well my work phone kept ringing or beeping with texts from people...
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no news is good news???

Posted 11-01-2008 at 22:12 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

Well I still haven't been told whether I was successful at the interview or not.. so it will be next weds now before I will know either way.

Funny thing is the longer I have to wait the more I feel unsettled and don't think I have got it... no hints from my boss either way today and I was professional and didn't ask as she couldn't have told me anyway.

I guess they still haven't made their mind up or they have offered it to someone but they are waiting for an answer before they tell everyone else they haven't been successful.

Will let you know as soon as I know...either way
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The Day of I....

Posted 09-01-2008 at 23:25 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

Ok Interview day...and was suprised at how nervous I was.

It was set for 1.30pm test with the interview at 2pm... but first I had to get through the morning!!

Well that proved to be alot easier than I thought as I was scheduled to be on a course... boring you might think??

Not a minute of it. It was a lone workers course, which is a refresher course for me as it must be over 5 years since I attended my last one. Chris who was taking the course was probably the most knowledgable person in this kind of field I had ever met!!

He worked for the prison service - checking that all was as it should be and that staff were trained to deal with all eventualities including riots.. the police service,...
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Posted 08-01-2008 at 19:04 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

Well I am nervous tonight as I have a dreaded job interview tomorrow...

It is still with the company I work for, in fact it is in the dept I am in now but it is a new post created due to demand...

I won't bore you for now what it is all about, I'm sure if I get the position I will post more about it but it will for me be an exciting prospect..

It will be all the more nerve racking as it is my current bosses who are doing the interviews so I can't get away with anything as they know me so well. I know many of you may think them being my current bosses is a bonus for me above anyone else..wrong They are probably the most fair and balanced people, which make them great bosses but nightmare to be interviewed...
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