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Posted 11-01-2006 at 18:58 by junetta

The good news is that I'm feeling so much better today and although the weather isn't brilliant, it's warmer and not raining.

Now for the bad news: I've been cooking!!

I actually ventured into the kitchen this afternoon with the intentions of producing a roast beef dinner! I haven't volunteered to cook in months, mainly because my offerings rarely reach the three out of ten level. Anyway, I had a lump of beef, I was certain of that because I didn't shop for it, spuds, sprouts, a bag of frozen cauli and some yorkshire pudding mix which I made last night. Rumour has it that the mix has to sleep in the fridge overnight, strange.

I was very calm, bunged the beef into the oven, wrapped in it's foil jacket,...
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We Won!!

Posted 09-01-2006 at 23:32 by junetta

I managed to crawl out from under my blanket today to get myself to the bowling alley for the first game of the new Monday Bowling League season and I am so glad I did as my Monday partner, Martin, and I won
6 - 2!!

We didn't do too well on the first game but we did have an excuse. We normally like a ciggie or three during the match but it appears that it is now a smokeless zone. You wouldn't believe how many folk were huddled up outside, in the pouring rain, having a quick smoke. We were all fighting for the door mat too, can't get the shoes wet.

Anyway, after we had a 'fix' before the second game we managed to get our second wind and slaughtered them. It isn't a handicap league so we have to win outright....
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It's Cold!!

Posted 09-01-2006 at 02:56 by junetta

After reading those nice comments folks, I thought I'd have another go!
I would send you some sunshine Rindy, but it is so cold here at the moment.

I know that you are thinking that it can't be as bad as England but at least there are nice warm gas fires and comfy carpets there. I haven't any heating in my apartment, it's not the done thing here, unless you count the oven (which I must admit to using to keep myself warm in the past) and only cold floor tiles to walk on. I also have a stinking cold and I'm wrapped in a blanket. It's a good job you can't see me!

My little trip to the bar was fun earlier though. Ann, the owner, has recently added fresh fish and chips to her menu. It's quite tasty,...
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Hello Journal

Posted 08-01-2006 at 13:49 by junetta

I've been intending to start this for months and thought that, as this is a new year, what could be a better time?!
Not that I can envisage having very much to say as I don't do very much apart from ten-pin bowling and supping beer! I hate cooking, cleaning and washing up so there will be no recipes to mention or recommendations for oven cleaners!
Anyway, it's Sunday so I'm off to the bar.........catch up later.
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