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me for anyone intersted
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We Aren't Sailing,We Aren't Sailing...

Posted 18-08-2020 at 12:39 by Less

There's an advert comes on between progs for 'our time online dating for over 50's'

(I had tried doing a link to it but I think they've been hijacked by a porn site, some nice ladies showing all their charms).
So I'll work without the ad'

Anyhow an attractive 50+ sat on a sofa saying, 'I'm having so much fun'.

Unfortunately it doesn't tempt me to join just reminds me of my early 20's, a friend of mine had inherited a clapped out dinghy and about six of us had been persuaded to help him do it up at weekends.

Of course it was an all male affair agreed upon due to the cramped sleeping conditions on board allowing for no privacy. We would head down to the coast Friday nights with...
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The Joy's Of Motoring For a 50's Child.

Posted 29-11-2014 at 11:07 by Less
Updated 29-11-2014 at 11:12 by Less

At the start of this adventure I was 6 years of age, the year 1958, as with most children of that age most of my memories disappeared as each day passed and new ones took their place.

However, the fact that my dad had saved hard and managed to purchase a 'car', had such a traumatic effect on me I remember everything as if it was yesterday.

Being the first family on our street to have their own transport would for some be a matter of pride, for my siblings and I it was one of life's greatest embarrassments.

Allow me first of all to describe the vehicle itself, it was an ex army WW2 open topped van. Had it remained an open topped van it would have been fine.
My Dad had decided to convert it...
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Raindrops Make A Sound When They Hit The Pavement!

Posted 13-05-2013 at 15:05 by Less

I'm sure most of you know that, but I'd forgotten.
I didn't realise it but I've been deaf(ish) for a couple of years now, not sometime you can put your finger on, struggling on, using best manners to say, 'You what'?

Then there comes a time when your best mate say's slowly, (so that you can lip read), get your ears tested.

Well, I did, The lady told me after the test, 'Oh yes you need hearing aids, you have classic industrial hearing impairment.

Well, I had them fitted today, a different lady set them up then asked how does it sound?

It sounded awful, all tinny and as if I was shouting.

That's perfectly normal she replied, your brain has forgotten the higher frequencies...
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Once Upon A Time In The Land Of We're All In It Together

Posted 28-02-2013 at 16:34 by Less
Updated 01-03-2013 at 11:42 by Less

Well, lets stop right there, this won't be a fairy tale, it will be unbelievable in parts but allow me to assure you that once I've got my head around what's happened in the last month, you will need to view the blog in short stages, otherwise you too could be visiting your Doctor, once I've sorted it offline I will post the blog, however, if you start to read, have large supplies of caffeine and security food ready to make you feel that little bit re-assured.

I estimate two hours and it should be posted, but I will have to review it until it makes some sort of sense...

Somehow, I feel I won't make sense of it but will post it anyway.

Some of you may have read what I'm quoting below from this thread:-...
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What a waste of a qualified engineer's time

Posted 06-09-2012 at 21:15 by Less

As some of you know I have been unemployed for about 18 months now,
Trying, but not succeeding to find work, age is what I think put's most off offering an interview.
I've put up with the dole, some workers on here lucky enough to never have been unemployed and indeed friends saying a person in my position should take any job going.

Well I've been applying for them, at last I got an offer of an interview, and yippee it's in my trade, fantastic.

Now it was a job advertised by the dole, repairing surgical equipment, hours tobe discussed wage above minimum wage, (that means negotiated but probably towards the low end of an hourly rate).

So I arrange via email to appear at the Company at...
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