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me for anyone intersted
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Sometimes the Devil takes on many forms

Posted 07-07-2008 at 23:07 by Less
Updated 09-07-2008 at 11:09 by Less

1977 was a very good year for me the birth of my first born moving to a cosy new house, we were very happy.
Unfortunately not long after post natal depression set in and back then there was no such thing as maternity leave never mind paternity!
So if you wanted to keep your job you had to turn up no matter what.

Then one Wednesday evening I came home and my wife was a little lifted excited even, these very nice people had called and look they left her a Bible with pages marked to help her through her pain, also they had invited her to a meeting the following day to meet more friends.

That was how the nightmare began, it turned into a living hell for us that would have severe effects for about three and a half years and other things that happened thanks to that.

Just a little about me before we continue with the main tale, I became an atheist somewhere around the age of thirteen or fourteen it was something that gathered more momentum with the more doubts that I gave serious thought to, it didnít however lead me to hate religion after all it wasnít a calling I wasnít out to convert others I saw no need.

Back to the main tale,

I was pleased that my wife had shown a positive interest in things outside the house and on the evenings after she had met these people she would tell me excitedly about what they had discussed.
After a few weeks she told me they had asked if they could have a meeting at our house, Would I mind? No I didnít mind, if it helped her why should I?

Then one time she said they had asked her to attend the Church meeting would I like to come? This was an offer I declined superstition just isnít my thing but I was willing to drop her off and pick her up afterwards.

During this time my house was being taken over, more and more meetings being held there I would get home about six and not get the house back until they had left around eight all the time they would bombard me with reasons why I should give my self to their version of God, which I easily brushed to one side because I was not interested.

A few months past and ďguess what Lesí they have invited me to join their ChurchĒ, said the wife, ďall I have to do is be re-baptised, Oh! And get you to convertĒ!
I Countered this with:-

1/ You have already been baptised into the Christian Faith itís not an M.O.T. it doesnít need to be renewed every few years.


2/ Not only do I not want to be converted but I am just getting a little impatient with your freaky friends.

Come the day of her so called Ďbaptismí, I went to the Church to watch, out of respect for my wife.
I was astounded as two of the attendants grabbed me by the arms and frog marched me to the front.
Standing next to my wife watching as she went through this ritual. Their Parson, priest, whatever then started to make his way towards me, ďand what have you chosen for your baptismal name he askedĒ? I replied that, ďI hadnít and had no intention of being baptised now or everĒ!
I made my way back to my seat, after the service I was informed that although my wife had been baptised by them she could not be accepted as a full member until not only I but our son was baptised into their Church.
It was at this point after months of simmering my temper finally boiled over I told them what they could do with their strange views and not to come near me or my family again.

Unfortunately as much as I would like to say that this is the end of the story it isnít.

Several months passed with me trying to stop my wife seeing these people and them telling her that I was all things evil and must be saved from myself.

I did eventually win in so far as I got her to realise that at the time she met these people she was ill and vulnerable, but she had proved over the last few months that she was getting back to her old self, (I had also to point out that this was because we were being helped through this by old and true friends that we knew before these people came into our lives).

She stopped going to meeting, she was the girl Iíd fallen in love with again, always off with the child in the push chair.
It was after a few months thatís we realised that wherever in town we went one or more of them would be just around the corner and would attempt to get her back to the meetings. The Police canít help in these circumstances so my wife started to withdraw into the house until she became agoraphobic, this took about two and a half years to get her out and about with the assistance of a wonderful self help group.

Sometime during this period I had the first of a few breakdowns and I must admit there seems to be a complete year missing during the time I was taking those weird and wonderful calm down pills.

Slight improvement came our way over the following few years, then joy of joys she was having our second child. It wasnít the healthiest of pregnancies she was both physically and mentally worn out but happily we had a healthy baby girl.

Always lurking around the corner though were the religious weirdoís still trying to drive a wedge between us, until we made the decision sod this why stay around here weíll move back to Accrington and start again.

We moved back, we didnít look back, and by that I donít mean our life became a bed of roses, we just tried to block out from our lives the hell that we had been through.
Sadly five years ago we parted life just does that sometimes.

Neither my son or my daughter have ever been told of this so if your reading this Iím sorry but we just couldnít bring ourselves to tell anyone.
I donít even know if this is the way my wife remembers it and I doubt now that I will get a chance to ask.

So if this extremely long tale goes anywhere near to explaining why,


then it will have done some good.
But please, please, before you invite them into your home just remember the next set of lives they ruin could be yours they do prey on the weak and vulnerable!

Oh and just a little note for LancYorkYankee,
When I first met you you gave me a little religious booklet, I thanked you for it and added that it would have pride of place on my book shelf but that I would never read it, this left you confused, well perhaps now you will understand why, it is still on the shelf still unread, I had a lifetime of religious pamphlets pushed my way and I will never read another one!
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  1. Old Comment
    Mick's Avatar
    A very moving and thought provoking story less
    Posted 08-07-2008 at 06:02 by Mick Mick is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    I found your story very moving Less.
    Posted 09-07-2008 at 11:19 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  3. Old Comment
    BERNADETTE's Avatar
    A very deep and thought provoking blog, really enjoyed reading it Less.
    Why could I not post a comment yesterday???
    Posted 09-07-2008 at 11:20 by BERNADETTE BERNADETTE is offline
  4. Old Comment
    emamum's Avatar
    i was thinking that as well bernie.....
    Less thats awful and of course you have ever right to be angry at them....unfortunately some people prey on the vulnerable... she is very lucky that she had you to help her see sense and protect her from them.
    Posted 09-07-2008 at 13:22 by emamum emamum is offline
  5. Old Comment
    Less's Avatar

    Pass Comment

    It seems the only reason no comment could be made was because I didn't tick a box before posting, even though I'd ticked it in my blog profile, sorry about that, I'm new to this computer lark!
    Posted 09-07-2008 at 15:16 by Less Less is offline
  6. Old Comment
    LancYorkYankee's Avatar

    Yes very sad.

    As I've said to Less in pms, very sad that people do this sort of stuff in the name of God, Christianity, or religion.

    IMO, organized "man-made" religions have caused more pain, confusion, hate, death, etc. then any plague or natural disaster through the ages.

    Again Less, thanks for sharing as well as making me aware of the blog entry!

    Posted 09-07-2008 at 16:05 by LancYorkYankee LancYorkYankee is offline
  7. Old Comment
    Lilly's Avatar
    A moving blog, Less.

    I can understand why you are wary of religious people these days.
    Posted 10-07-2008 at 21:28 by Lilly Lilly is offline
  8. Old Comment
    Boeing Guy's Avatar
    Very moving Less, nasty sods.
    Posted 12-11-2013 at 20:45 by Boeing Guy Boeing Guy is offline
  9. Old Comment
    Accyexplorer's Avatar
    Believe it or not less,I was quite moved reading that.
    I can see now why you gave K99 a verbal slap,You might not be all that bad after all (don't tell anyone I said that though)
    Posted 29-03-2014 at 04:04 by Accyexplorer Accyexplorer is offline
  10. Old Comment
    westendlass's Avatar
    I've just read this blog Less and I feel for you and your family. I've always disliked religious nutters, especially when they're banging on your door and invading your space. Just shows how they can squirm their way in to people's lives when your defences are down. My ex husbands former boss had awife who became a Jehovas Witness and, from what he used to say, it was a similar situation to yours. I doubt they're still together. Bunch of (dangerous) weirdos in my opinion.
    Posted 15-06-2014 at 17:13 by westendlass westendlass is offline

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