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me for anyone intersted
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Once Upon A Time In The Land Of We're All In It Together

Posted 28-02-2013 at 16:34 by Less
Updated 01-03-2013 at 11:42 by Less

Well, lets stop right there, this won't be a fairy tale, it will be unbelievable in parts but allow me to assure you that once I've got my head around what's happened in the last month, you will need to view the blog in short stages, otherwise you too could be visiting your Doctor, once I've sorted it offline I will post the blog, however, if you start to read, have large supplies of caffeine and security food ready to make you feel that little bit re-assured.

I estimate two hours and it should be posted, but I will have to review it until it makes some sort of sense...

Somehow, I feel I won't make sense of it but will post it anyway.

Some of you may have read what I'm quoting below from this thread:- (stoopid stoopid stoopid)

Originally Posted by Less View Post
I thought this little episode might fit nicely with Accymans thread.

I had to go to my Doctors this morning, he signed me off sick.

Now as many of you know I've been on Job Seekers, so you'd think transferring from one benefit to another should be reasonably straight forward.

Oh, no, wrong again Less.

I took my sick note down to the joke shop and showed it at reception, Ah, you need to fill in form such and such o.k. says I where can I get that?
Oh no problem I'll fill it in for you now.
Name addy, Insurance number length of time signed off as ill.
Right there you go, all done she said.
Goodness me I replied I expected it to be a little more complicated to transfer benefits that's marvelous. Oh dear me no, that's not a transfer, that's just us stopping your money, you will now have to make a fresh claim for Employment Support Allowance.

Right, so can I do that here?

No you ring this number they will fill it in over the 'phone, send you the form to check and sign, you put the sick note in with the form and once they've processed it you'll be informed about being, entitled, or not. (The last part was said very quietly, I don't think she really wanted me to hear that).

Can I ring from here?

No our 'phones are for Job seekers only, you'll have to go home and ring from there.
Originally Posted by Gordon Booth View Post
So in the meantime you don't get any money off anyone?
How did you stop yourself from screaming?
Originally Posted by Less View Post
The little I understand is, that whatever I was entitled to up and until filling in their form this morning, I will be paid, how much and when well, ???

As for when a decision will be made about my new claim to get whatever, whenever, I've no idea. It will be delayed, because, well, I'm ill by the time I got home, I made a brew, and collapsed into, there, there, it will all be better in the morning mode.

No point in me screaming, No-one hears you scream when you're filling out forms.
My post was on the 28th of the first.

During that week I tried three times to get in touch with the correct department in an attempt to make a fresh claim. Only to be foiled each time by a machine asking for my post code and telling me it didn't recognise it.
I gave up until the Monday of the following week when to my surprise I got through to the department I needed.
Lot's of questions one of interest was, why have you left it so long to apply? I explained the problem as above, Ah, yes came the reply, that's why it was removed but with you being late applying you may have money deducted from your claim. (my first temptation to lose my rag).

Meanwhile I had been told my jobseekers would because of my being ill would be two days short of a fortnights payment. Normally that payment would have been paid on the Friday, but no, without any warning my payment was delayed until 5 days later and arrived at my bank with a smaller payment. (Hold on to that another bit of life’s confusion comes in later).

Back to my claim, all done over the 'phone with no preparation so questions such as pensions, rent rates etc. could not be answered no paperwork available, well, I didn't know I needed them.

So I was told a copy of what I had answered would be sent with a pre-paid envelope for proof, plus the sick note.

11 days later I checked my account (nothing unusual, I'd been checking it daily for some days now), I discovered a Payment of just over £20 I hadn't had any correspondence so I didn't know what it was for, but at least I could buy some gas & electric. I found out later what it was for it adds to the confusion without giving the game away, remember above, it's part of that.

The following day (day 12) I finally got a letter stating I was after all entitled to sickness benefit. This was a Friday no money arrived in account, checked every day until Wednesday still nothing in.

Decided to call to jobcentre and enquire. I explained my woes to the lady on reception, she told me to use the phone both press a few buttons and enquire.
I did this, finally got through to a sympathetic guy that said he would make enquiries then promptly put me on hold, (how come whenever your on hold with anyone from the SS the tune they play is 'ode to joy', it isn't joyful and becomes hairpullingly annoying after a very brief period.

He came back eventually and asked when I had last had a payment, I told him about the £20 I'd received but didn't know what it was for, He calmly explained what it was for, (we are now at the point where I can explain those bits I said above). He told me the £20 was what remained of what jobseekers owed me for the first two days of the new fortnight that is now covered by my sick note.

Just a minute they kept 2 days worth back from the first fortnight so how do they owe me anything?
Well, he said it's a bit complicated, you'll have to apply in writing for an answer.

O.K. Says I have you found out why even though I got a letter on Friday saying I can now have money I still haven't got any?

Yes came the reply, although someone checked your paperwork and the details you sent in, then sent you a letter saying you will be paid, they didn't put a tick in the box saying they'd seen your sick note.
Well I replied, you've still got the sick note so tick the box.
Can't do that it will have been sent on to the relevant department will be impossible to find it now.
Not to worry replies I, I photocopied the certificate, I can print it out and send it you.
No you can't, we need the original not a copy, leave it with me I'll get in touch with your Doctor and see if he'll issue a duplicate. (please remember this bit).
That will take days I said how do I exist meanwhile?
You can apply for an emergency loan, he gave me the number to ring then the 'phone went dead.
I rang the number, a young lady asked me where I was ringing from, the jobcentre was my reply, sorry we don't accept calls from the jobcentre only from your own landline or mobile.
I don't have a landline and I've no credit on my ''mobile could I give you my mobile number and you ring me back?
Yes she said but only if you vacate the jobcentre immediately, confused I agreed.
She rang me back within a couple of minutes, then started complaining that it sounded like we were talking on the street, well, yes, we are talking on the street, why? Asked she, because you told me to leave the job centre.
Anyway 55 minutes later after umpteen questions we agreed that what I needed was just over £100 to keep me going, she put me on hold for ten minutes whilst a decision was made, (ode to Joy I wouldn't mind so much if I could sing along), she then came back and told me the maximum I could borrow by law was £89, I did think of asking why then had we been negotiating a price? Thought better of it 89 in the hand etc.
Finally picked up a giro cashed it and had heat, yippee.

Hopefully we are coming close to the end but, remember the sick note? I got a call from my Doctors receptionist explaining how the SS had misplaced my sick note, he (the Doctor),couldn't remember the details because it was handwritten could she make an appointment for Monday so I can help him with remembering it, I can do better than that I replied, I photocopied the certificate I'll print it out and bring it with me. She was over the moon and told me how grateful the Doctor would be.

Int' it grand to finish on a happy note?

Are there any long term consequences because of this?

Well, possibly one of the things I had to do to prevent going into overdraft mode with my bank was to cancel all direct debits.
Such as broadband and T.V. licence.
I contacted them both,
Broadband were ever so sympathetic and told me I could pay using my debit card and that they would charge an extra £5 per month because I wasn't paying by DD. Bye Bye broadband.
My T.V. licence was to be revoked immediately because I was no longer paying.
Within a week of which their representative was on my doorstep demanding that I renew my DD.
I explained my circumstances and was offered a payment card for my licence only to be told that if I didn't pay anything within 2 days it would be cancelled. My reply was if I get paid you'll get paid otherwise see you in court.
As a parting gift however their representative said, it might not get that far if when contacted again I claim that I'm only using the set to watch DVD's. Well, thank you for that after the way things have been just lately I might just be tempted to lie my way out of a fine.

There are other minor items that have yet to emerge, my landlord for example, has been in touch and told me if rent isn't paid immediately I may be served with an eviction notice because the Council has told him, I'm under investigation, well, I'm not under investigation just waiting for SS to get their finger out and start paying everything.
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  1. Old Comment
    DaveinGermany's Avatar
    Sounds a proper pisher that mate.
    Posted 28-02-2013 at 19:51 by DaveinGermany DaveinGermany is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Mick's Avatar
    The DHSS is so easy to talk to but you never get anywhere with them.
    Posted 01-03-2013 at 05:57 by Mick Mick is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Oh Less what a bummer.
    Posted 05-03-2013 at 21:58 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  4. Old Comment
    I've heard of piercings but...
    Posted 08-03-2013 at 00:59 by Tesco Rambler Tesco Rambler is offline

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