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me for anyone intersted
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Raindrops Make A Sound When They Hit The Pavement!

Posted 13-05-2013 at 15:05 by Less

I'm sure most of you know that, but I'd forgotten.
I didn't realise it but I've been deaf(ish) for a couple of years now, not sometime you can put your finger on, struggling on, using best manners to say, 'You what'?

Then there comes a time when your best mate say's slowly, (so that you can lip read), get your ears tested.

Well, I did, The lady told me after the test, 'Oh yes you need hearing aids, you have classic industrial hearing impairment.

Well, I had them fitted today, a different lady set them up then asked how does it sound?

It sounded awful, all tinny and as if I was shouting.

That's perfectly normal she replied, your brain has forgotten the higher frequencies but will soon compensate, Oh, and by the way you were shouting, quite normal, you haven't heard yourself for some time.

So off I wandered out of the hospital, traffic noise, terrible, got on the bus to come home, every gear change shouting in my ears, I wasn't sure if I could stand it.

Got to the town centre the noise of everything drove me to the seclusion of a quiet pub, (o.k. I'd have gone the pub a bit later but wow).

While I was inside a heavy shower started, did you know, Raindrops Make A Sound When They Hit The Pavement!
I'd forgotten.
Anyway, when I got home I put the telly on, the pleasure I had turning the volume down from 60 on it's scale to 25.

On the down side, when I did get home as I took my jacket off I knocked the aid off my right ear, panic, have I broken it?

No, fortunately not, but I did seem to lose the little plastic tube connecting it to my ear.

I spent almost three quarters of an hour on my hands and knees searching for it until I finally found it, it was still in my ear!
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  1. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    Just a case of getting used to em Less, I wear mine fer watching telly when everyones in bed,
    Posted 13-05-2013 at 18:41 by cashman cashman is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Mick's Avatar
    Now you have your hearing aids you might hear me when I say ...its YOUR round Less

    glad your sorted and hope you get used to them soon

    see you later today (Tues) in the Railway
    Posted 14-05-2013 at 04:51 by Mick Mick is offline
  3. Old Comment
    DaveinGermany's Avatar
    It'll make no difference Mick, it's selective deafness as far as the Pubs concerned.

    Anyway less, when someone's boring the tits off you with their prattling you can always turn the things off, bonus if you ask me.
    Posted 14-05-2013 at 17:13 by DaveinGermany DaveinGermany is offline
  4. Old Comment
    BERNADETTE's Avatar
    Had one for a number of years and got my second one today, they are great once you get used to them. Just persevere
    Posted 14-05-2013 at 22:59 by BERNADETTE BERNADETTE is offline

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