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me for anyone intersted
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We Aren't Sailing,We Aren't Sailing...

Posted 18-08-2020 at 12:39 by Less

There's an advert comes on between progs for 'our time online dating for over 50's'

(I had tried doing a link to it but I think they've been hijacked by a porn site, some nice ladies showing all their charms).
So I'll work without the ad'

Anyhow an attractive 50+ sat on a sofa saying, 'I'm having so much fun'.

Unfortunately it doesn't tempt me to join just reminds me of my early 20's, a friend of mine had inherited a clapped out dinghy and about six of us had been persuaded to help him do it up at weekends.

Of course it was an all male affair agreed upon due to the cramped sleeping conditions on board allowing for no privacy. We would head down to the coast Friday nights with the best of intentions and several crates of beer each. We would be there until late Sunday afternoon when the designated drivers would have sobered up enough to find where the car had been abandoned on the Friday.
Work would start on a Saturday with enthusiasm sometimes right up to and occasionally until just past opening time, with the intention of continuing at 3.00 the pub chucking out time back then. This got extended when we found a pub that only had access at low tide and because the police couldn't get to it had it's own licensing hours.

This continued for several months with little difference being made to the dinghy but lifelong friendships being established.
Anyhow, one weekend the owner said he would be a bit late getting down there so could we carry on without him.
This we did only to realise we couldn't get onboard because he had the key and the weather was starting to turn a little bit choppy' to use a nautical term, It' was 'drowning cats and dogs' in none technical terms so we slept in the cars.
He arrived in the early hours of Saturday morning with his latest girlfriend Jean in tow. Here's where we refer to the advert The first words out of her mouth were 'I'm having so much fun' followed by a girly giggle.
We could see a problem the inside of the dinghy just wasn't fit for anyone of her sex, our friend took her onboard with us following.
Her first words on seeing the insides, 'I'm going to have so much fun tidying up after you men', (girly giggle).

She gamely set to mucking out the boat which left us with no room to work so we retired to the pub without her.
A few hours later she met us in the pub and told us how she had,had 'so much fun' (slightly hesitant girly giggle), with mop and bucket and that she had even found time to prepare a salad for our tea, so shall we all head back and eat? (it was at this point we noticed the tide had come in marooning us from all that rabbit food and had to make do with bacon butties made by the landlady).
About 8 that night the tide had gone enough to wade back to the boat, we in wellingtons she in open-toed sandals slipping and sliding in the mud, we arrived back at the dinghy in time for her to trip over the moorings landing head first in the mud. Of course we all dashed forward to check that she hadn't broken any of the bottles we had bought for a carry home only to hear her say 'I'm having so much fun' (long hesitation, a slight sob under the breath, girly giggle).
She hadn't brought a change of clothes and had used all the water on board cleaning the place so had to change into whatever spare strips of rag we blokes had brought down with us decorating her clean interior with the mud that she was caked in.
She mistakenly decided she would have an early night but in a small dinghy everyone goes to bed at the same time or no-one does so she stayed up and drank a little bit more than she was capable of and had to be poured into a sleeping bag, from which in drunken tones we would hear the mantra once again being uttered, 'I'm having so much fun' (hic, burp, no hesitation loud sob).
The following morning Boy friend decided we should finish early today and head for home, we all agreed except for Jean, 'But I'm having so much fun'(girlish shrill hysterical laughter).
We left Jean and boyfriend to enjoy the adventure of dinghy ownership made the journey home parked up and went to the pub.

Well that was the last time we went to the dinghy, BF and Jean became an item and would go down every weekend within 3 months they had done so much renovation they ere able to sell the dinghy to some other mug, erm I mean amateur sailor and used the proceeds to set up home.
Unbelievably that was over 40 years ago now, they are still together I saw him recently and asked how things where?

Oh!, he replied 'we're having so much fun!(male snigger crossed with a tone of regretful nostalgia for his short sailing life).
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    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    Less, that is pure gold.
    Posted 18-08-2020 at 13:20 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline

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