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Accident Prone..

Posted 14-03-2006 at 15:31 by lettie

The snow has brought back some memories for us all. I have really enjoyed reading the other journals and chuckling.

My memory really doesn't have anything to do with the snow.......well, not a lot. It was winter 1978/9 and I was in my last year at Peel Park, Mr Rawlinson's class, a lovely fella who used to make us all laugh. We had a bit of snow that winter and one especially bad day we played out. Our chip shop was open and my mum was working. She had a lady who used to work for her part time, and this lady brought her daughter, Avril, with her so that we could all play together. Kids being kids, we didn't like her daughter and used to tease her. She was a snotty nosed little brat, who for some reason, my parents liked.

I had been in trouble a few times for making her cry, it's not like I used to beat her up or anything (she had plenty of brothers and sisters to do that), but I used to tease her something rotten and I'm pretty sure that my sisters did too. We all teased each other, it was normal in our house but it served to toughen us up a bit. After playing in the snow, making skid tracks and pelting each other with snowballs, Avril ran into our house crying. My memory deserts me about who had actually made her cry, I don't think it was was probably Grego...

Fearing that we may be in deep poo if my dad heard her, I tried to make her laugh by acting the goat and skidding across the living room carpet whilst pulling faces. To my horror my legs skidded a bit too far under me and I found myself falling. Instinct dictated that I put my arm down to break the fall......... With a sickening crack which I can still remember to this day, my arm went numb.

After a few seconds the pain came, along with a scream from me which brought my dad running from the kitchen and my mum from the shop. My arm was killing me........ My dad told me not to be so soft, I replied that "you wouldn't be saying that if it was Avril Bovril who was crying."

Within a few minutes I was in Accy Vic casualty. We only lived round the corner, most of the nurses used the chippy and knew us. I was a regular visitor to casualty with cuts and minor injuries. Having been born without an iota of grace, naturally clumsy, minor injuries were a way of life.

I saw the doctor who manoeuvred my arm painfully. I had some X-Rays, which I thought would be exciting as I'd never had X-Rays, but it turned out to be a boring event. The X-Rays confirmed that I had broken a bone in my wrist and a crack at the elbow too. I had to have my arm manipulated in casualty, only slightly, but with no anaesthetic it was painful. I had a pot put on from shoulder to knuckle and complete with sling I trotted home. My mum gave me some Dispirin (nasty stuff), and brought my pillow and blanket from my bed and made me lie on the sofa with my pot elevated on a cushion.

Hehehehe, I had pride of place on that sofa, I used to make my sisters sit on the floor and had a fine week playing the precious princess and ordering everyone around. I went back to school with my pot on and Mr Rawlinson would always pick on one of the boys to put my chair up for me at the end of the day.

The biggest shock of all though was when they removed my pot 6 weeks later. My arm was white, skin flaking and I still couldn't flex or extend my arm more than a couple of centimeters. I had to have physio for a few weeks. Everybody assumed that I'd sustained my fractures falling in the snow. I couldn't face telling everyone that I was gormless enough to slip on the carpet......... So if you ever run into Avril Bovril and she tells you it was the carpet.........She's fibbing.
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  1. Old Comment

    Re: Accident Prone..

    I dont remember being horrible with Avril, but I do remember the arm break, hadn't laughed that much in ages!
    Posted 14-03-2006 at 20:33 by grego
  2. Old Comment
    harwood red's Avatar

    Re: Accident Prone..

    chuckle, chuckle, chuckle thanks for that lettie
    Posted 14-03-2006 at 23:51 by harwood red harwood red is offline

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