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Kite flying.

Posted 29-07-2006 at 14:55 by lettie

It's been a funny 24 hours. I am still coming to terms with trying to sleep at night and am waking up at odd hours of the morning. After yesterdays' early awakening and subsequent rush around, I nodded off in front of the telly at 8pm. I only had 40 winks but woke up feeling a bit rough at 8.30pm so I took myself off to bed. How sad is that?????? Friday night as well, I must be getting old.

I woke up at 4am today and got out of bed at 5am after fruitlessly trying to get back to sleep. The early get up was an advantage in that there was hardly anyone in Asda when I went this morning. I then had to sit and wait for the shops to open in town before I could continue my shopping. Getting everything done this morning allowed me an afternoon of quality time with my niece and nephew.

I picked Ellie up and took her up to Charlie's. They had already gone out but I knew where they were so we caught them up. My sister and brother-in-law had taken Charlie's new kite to the fields off Bolton Avenue for a flying session. What a laugh we had. This kite, which is supposedly suitable for children, was quite large. The thing took off with a gust of wind and sailed into the air. Duncan was holding the strings trying his best to control the kite which was dive bombing perilously close to us all. The kids thought it was hysterical. I had a go with it and was nearly swept off my feet. I've never flown a kite before and didn't have one as a child but it was always something that I fancied having a stab at.

Duncan got quite good with it, so when he'd got it into the air he let the kiddies hold the strings. They were laughing their little heads off as the thing blew wildly in the air and nearly knocked our Sam's block off. All in all it was a fun afternoon and the kiddies enjoyed themselves. They even managed to play with the kite for an hour without arguing and believe me......that's a first..
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