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It's a shoe thing.

Posted 30-07-2006 at 13:26 by lettie

At last!! I have managed a full nights sleep without waking up at some unearthly hour. Full of renewed vigour I decided to have a bit of a clear out. The only thing is that I have accrued so much crap over the years that I didn't know where to start.

I daren't start under the stairs because it is so crowded with stuff that I can hardly get in there. I'm not exaggerating, my dad went under there to find a lightbulb last November and he's never been seen since. Every drawer and cupboard in my house contains stuff that I never wear or use. I even have baking trays in my kitchen cupboards and haven't baked anything since leaving school in 1984.

I decided to start on one of the kitchen drawers. I tend to keep old insurance policies, mortgage details, bills etc in there. I found stuff in there that no longer for my old car, policies which have run to term and payed out, pet insurance details, old receipts which are barely legible. I have shredded loads of stuff and have still managed to fill my recycle bag with the stuff that didn't need shredding. I had no idea that I could fit so much crap in one little drawer. Maybe I should ring Guinness and see if it's a record.

I have cleaned out the bottom of my wardrobe, the shoe and handbag section to be precise. How can I have so many pairs of shoes when I only have one pair of feet? It is definitely a girl thing because Sparks doesn't have all of those shoes. I'll bet he has a pair for work, a couple of pairs of trainers and a couple of good pairs of shoes for going out. I must have had at least 25 pairs of shoes in there, many of which are either worn out or no longer worn.

I started to go through them, deciding which ones to get rid of and believe me, it was a tough decision. I managed to identify only 6 pairs for the chop and have still kept some which I haven't worn for years because they are in good nick, they are nice, I will wear them again one day......honest.

I also managed to get rid of a couple of handbags which were also old and worn, broken zips etc. I was still struggling to fit all of my shoes and bags into some sort of order in the bottom of that wardrobe. I have put some of my smaller bags inside some of the bigger ones to make more space. It must be a girl thing but I can't bear to get rid of all my stuff in one go. I have given up for today because I don't think my nerves can stand anymore. My teddy bears which collect dust in my bedroom need to go, I could do with a blitz through my clothes, there are books which I have read and videos I'll never watch again and the whole lot need to go. I can't do anymore today though, I'm not that ruthless.

Maybe I should just get a bigger house..
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