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A funny thing happened in Fendi.

Posted 03-01-2008 at 15:44 by lettie

This is a bit of a catch up from last year. For anyone who has read the 'Wobbly Tour' thread in User Photos, you will know what a superb time we had in Australia last January. It wasn't all plain sailing though because my holidays never are. The travel arrangements went swimmingly but my financial arrangements took a sharp downturn on the very first day of the holiday and I had to rapidly resort to plan B.

It all started in Hong Kong, we had a stopover on our way to Sydney, just for one night. Hong Kong is a brilliant city and a shoppers paradise. For anyone who loves to get an electrical bargain or a designer bargain, this is the place to go, honestly, you can be Gucci, Fendi and Manolo'd to death here. I had been saving up all year for the trip and had promised myself a designer handbag for Christmas. I didn't want to pay UK prices so decided to get it en route to Oz in Hong Kong.

We aimlessly pottered down Nathan Rd in HK, shopping heaven, with thousands of different shops and.......there it was!!!! My new handbag to be, a not too showy looking Fendi with plenty of space for the purse, lippy, phone, tampax and the millions of useless stuff that women keep in their handbags. It was a good price too, probably about 50 less than I would pay here for the same bag. I was delighted and marched right into the shop with Sparks in tow.

I took the bag to the counter and whipped out the credit card. There were security cameras all over the shop, especially around the till area. I punched in my pin number, waited a few seconds and it REFUSED!!!!!!

How could that be possible??? I had over-paid my card before travelling, had ample savings to pay off the credit card when I returned home, this was surely a mistake?

The lady in the shop said that she would call the credit card security people, which she did, after 20 minutes, loads of questions and hurried conversations down the phone in Chinese, they still refused the card and advised me to phone my credit card company asap. I was gutted but I had some Sterling on me, and so did Sparks so we bought the bag with Sterling and proceeded to the airport for our flight to Sydney. I was twitching about the card all the way to the airport and had taken a credit card statement with me so that the international phone number would be on it. I tried to phone the number from the airport but couldn't get through so I boarded the flight and waited until landing in Sydney to sort out this fiasco.

It was New Year's Eve when we landed, I attempted to phone the number again but got nothing. In desperation I waited until the evening and phoned Grego, it was morning here and I'd had to wait for a time when I knew she would be up. I explained the situation, gave Grego all of my credit card details and the domestic number and asked her to call me back. I was sure that there was some sort of fraud going on and convinced myself that the shop in HK had probably filmed me inputting my number with one of their cameras. Grego phoned back, they could not tell her if there had been any fraud on the card because she was not me. The only thing that she could do on my behalf was cancel the card so I asked her to do it. I didn't want to take any risks when I was so far from home and unable to sort out the problem. My credit card was duly cancelled.........******!!!!

I had to withdraw cash from my savings account from ATMs and carry cash, at least I had a plan B. After the New Year, I managed to telephone the credit card people from Sydney and spoke to a lady on the other end of the phone. She told me that the card was cancelled, there had been no fraud and that the card was refused in HK because the credit card people didn't know I was there...... My security answers were lost in translation, so they had refused the card. I asked if the card could be reinstated but she said that they can't do that. I then asked if I could arrange a new credit card to collect in Melbourne on our travels, she said that they couldn't do that either. I was much for '24 hour assistance and we can get you a new card wherever you are in the world'.... It's complete hogwash. I now had a month, travelling, with no credit card for hotel bills etc.

Plan B worked though, I continued to take cash from ATMs, Sparks had his credit card (which worked), and I had paid some of the accommodation costs upfront. Together we managed to have a good holiday and I came home to a new credit card and no hefty bill and I still have the Fendi....
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar
    There's always a 'fly' isn't there.
    Still at least you were organised enough to have a plan B.
    Posted 03-01-2008 at 19:43 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  2. Old Comment
    cashman's Avatar
    i would have been spitting feathers at the card fiasco, lost in translation "knickers" we have to understand what some of them write on the menus around here. glad ya was ok though.
    Posted 03-01-2008 at 20:22 by cashman cashman is online now

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