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The waiting game

Posted 11-02-2012 at 08:18 by lettie

So, there I was, playing the waiting game. I was trying to be as good as I could be by reducing the fat in my diet in an attempt to reduce the amount of attacks I was getting. It's easier said than done to eat low fat. When I started looking at the contents of various foods eg pasta sauces, ready meals, various meats, coleslaws etc. they were all incredibly high in fat, even the ones claiming to be low fat!!!

I cut out cheese, sausages, cream, fatty meats like lamb, brisket, cakes, biscuits, crisps, nuts......the list is endless and it was all my favourite stuff. I replaced all this stuff with more fruit, veggies, chicken, white fish. I found to my delight that I could cope with salmon and reduced fat mince. Cottage cheese replaced cheese but it was hell..... I love my cheeses, the stinkier the better and to not be able to pile into a cheese board, especially at Christmas and New Year was the pits.

Now with all this sensible eating you'd have thought the the weight would have dropped off me. To be fair, I did lose about 3 kgs but I discovered that there is no fat in Haribos and there is no fat in wine!!!! So I replaced the fat in my diet with sugar...

I had my MRI scan in October. I had never had one before so was fascinated with the scanner. I never felt claustrophobic, it took about 20 minutes and was incredibly noisy but to be honest, I was just glad of a lie down. The scan never found any nasties in my Bile Duct, just several large stones in the Gallbladder, so no surprise there then.

So I was now waiting for an appointment with the Surgeon with my scan results. During the time that I was waiting, I never had any bad attacks but I had now started to get other symptoms. My upper back pain had returned and was there constantly now. Every now and then I felt a heavy sensation at the front, like I had something lodged under my ribs. I had intermittent nausea and couldn't stop belching and a general feeling of biliousness accompanied every meal.

I saw the Surgeon in December and was officially put on the list for a Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy (removal of gallbladder by keyhole surgery). I felt that things were finally starting to move along now. I continued with my sensible diet and managed to avoid any attacks until Christmas, or more specifically, just before New Year.

I had felt a bit off all day, some spasmy pain at the front, generally nauseated, back pain etc. but that was the story of my life these days. I went into work to do the night shift. I was heavily laden with various pain killers, all of which I took at some point but to no avail. A massive attack came on at work. I was literally doubled over in my office. The ward was extremely busy and I was no use to anyone. I'd had to leave my patient 4 times to rush out and be sick. Luckily she wasn't in labour so I sent her home but it had taken me twice as long to do her admission and check her over.

So there I was, now clutching the desk in the office when one of my colleagues came in.... followed by several more They knew I was unwell and insisted that I go to Urgent Care. I could barely stand up so wasn't really in a position to resist. They called a porter, who escorted me to Urgent Care. Within 2 minutes of getting there, I had a cannula in, more blood tests and some Maxalon and Morphine. The Morphine took the edge off things but didn't take the pain away. The Maxalon took away the sickness though, so I was glad of small mercies.

I was collected from work by Sparks with advice to go to Blackburn if I didn't start to feel better that day. I went home and got in bed and slept for a few hours. I did feel a bit better but it wasn't fantastic and it was now New Years Eve.

At least I had had the letter with my pre-op appointment which was in January so hopefully, I may not have to wait much longer..
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    susie123's Avatar
    Know what you mean about the scanner, had one recently, not claustrophobic as I had feared, a nice 20 minute lie down, but bloody noisy even with music through headphones, predictably the Four Seasons!
    Posted 11-02-2012 at 23:19 by susie123 susie123 is offline

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