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A bit quick

Posted 13-02-2012 at 07:53 by lettie
Updated 13-02-2012 at 07:56 by lettie

A couple of weeks after the pre-op, I still hadn't heard anything and I was constantly on pins. I had been on nights and was due a couple of days off. Sparks said that he would take me out for a meal as I had worked 2 lots of weekends, on nights, so we hadn't really had much in the way of a social life.

I had a few hours sleep after my last night, got up and got showered and dressed and put my face on, ready to go out for my tea. I felt a bit iffy but I felt off most days now so didn't worry about it.

We had a lovely meal over in Grindleton and I enjoyed every mouthful. We were home nice and early, so I put my feet up and watched Call the Midwife, it is so civilised to be able to just sit in your own home at night rather than running round like a headless chicken at work.

At around 10.30, I decided to go to bed. On lying down I suddenly got the most horrendous pain, it was that bad that I actually shouted out some sort of profanity... Sparks came in from the bathroom and I was literally rolling around the bed. I said that it would probably pass and for him to get into bed, he had to get up for work the following day. I got up and had pain killers but nothing I took did any good. I was starting to feel a bit ill.

Sparks woke up at about 1.30am, I was still in pain so that was it, the pre-packed bag was grabbed and we headed to A&E again...

By the time we got there the pain had started to increase. I knew I couldn't wait long to be seen, I felt like I was going to vomit on the waiting room floor. The police were up there with someone from the cells who was smiling and didn't appear to have anything seriously wrong with him. I remember thinking that if they call him in before me there'll be hell to pay.

The pain was building up and I started sweating, my coat and cardigan came off in the waiting room and I just couldn't sit still. It was like the scene from Alien when the thing explodes out of John Hurt's abdomen.... Thankfully, the Triage Nurse called me through. I let her know what was happening and that I needed pain relief, though, I think the sweating and groaning might have given some sort of clue. I was dreading being sent back to the waiting room in this state, but I wasn't.

I was transferred to another room where a Doctor came and put a cannula in. I never felt it though I was aware that they were taking blood etc. I was given Morphine and Maxalon again which made me a bit more comfortable. I was quickly transferred to STU again and kept nil by mouth and given intravenous fluids.

Sparks went home, I said I would call him in the morning and let him know what was happening, if I could come home and at what time. I spent a fitful night on the trolley in STU, didn't sleep much, just dozed for a few minutes on and off.

The Registrar popped in to see me first thing in the morning. He warned me that the Consultant would be coming round between 8.30 and 9am and that she would make a decision as to what they were going to do with me. He said that he would check the waiting list and see how long it would be off my operation.

The Consultant came to see me just before 9am, she was very young and seemed nice. She reviewed all of my notes, asked me what had happened over night and then said.......'We'll do you now'.

Bloody hell!!!!! I never had time to be nervous. I let Sparks know, rang work and told them I wouldn't be in this week. Let my Dad know, as it was his birthday and I was supposed to be going round to see him. I quickly got my gown and stockings on, signed the consent and I was off...

I arrived in the Anaesthetic room 2 minutes later. I knew the Anaesthetist and staff from when I worked at Blackburn. They were so reassuring and made a plan with me for pain relief, just in case they couldn't do the operation keyhole and had to open me up. I remember them re-taking my temperature and it was up, so they were going to give me some intravenous antibiotics. The Anaesthetist was putting some medications through the cannula, I looked at the clock and it was 9.20am. I remember the Anaesthetist asking me to try and keep my eyes open then.................nothing.
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    cashman's Avatar
    Hell yeh really had a rough un Let,That crap worked out though wi n immediate op.
    Posted 13-02-2012 at 09:18 by cashman cashman is offline

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