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Posted 14-02-2012 at 07:44 by lettie

I opened my eyes, the clock opposite me slowly came into focus. It was 12.30, I slowly registered where I was, I could see lots of activity around me, trolleys with people on them being pushed in and out of theatres. People asleep on trolleys in the bay opposite me. I was in the Recovery area and it was clearly quite busy in there.

I felt a bit uncomfortable, like I'd nodded off in a bad position and woke up aching. So, I sat myself bolt upright on the trolley with the intention of sorting out my pillows and getting a bit comfier.

'Steady on!!!! Let me help you.' said the nurse. I hadn't noticed her, she had been sitting by the side of my trolley filling out paperwork and quietly getting on with her work. She helped me with the pillows and I got myself a bit more comfortable. I was really thirsty so asked if I could have some water, my mouth felt like the bottom of a bird cage. I had a few sips of water and it was like nectar.

It was only then that I noticed I was still attached to the ECG and BP monitors and had 2 cannulas in. I didn't care though, my main concern was why I didn't have any pain???? I had a slight burning sensation in my chest and abdomen but no horrendous pain, in fact, I felt better than I had in weeks.

I was transferred to the ward at 1.30 and put in a bay with 3 other women who were all lovely and all in a far worse state than I was. I apologised in advance for not being much company, but I was going to try and get my head down for an hour as I'd been up all night. One of the women asked what I'd had done, 'Gallbladder,' I said, at which they all suitably ooooh'd and aaaah'd. I had a big drink of water, curled up and fell asleep.

I dozed for an hour or 2, the nurse came in and intermittently did my BP. My temperature was settling a bit now and I felt better so a couple of hours after the op, I got up, walked to the loo, carefully avoiding my 2 cannulas, I managed to get my gown off and pyjamas on. I assessed the damage, 4 small dressings, 1 over my belly button which was very bruised around it, 1 just under my breast bone which was also bruised and 2 down the right side of my abdomen which looked ok.

I pottered off back to bed, was chastised by the nurse for not asking for help, I didn't need any help. I intermittently dozed for a couple of hours more then, the Consultant came to see me. She said that my Gallbladder had gone to Histology to be examined. It was inflamed and had some stones in it, one of which was the size of an acorn. She said that if I felt well enough I would be able to go home that night if I wanted.

I was happy with that, I just wanted my own bed but I did end up staying the night. There's always something isn't there??? I couldn't face food. I did try a bit of ice cream and they even gave me a cheese sandwich, something I had been craving for months, but I couldn't eat it. I just felt so nauseated. The nurse reckoned it was way too soon for me to go home anyway and that I should have a night's sleep and an injection for the nausea and see how things were in the morning. I reluctantly agreed, Sparks came to visit, and was probably relieved that he didn't have to put up with me puking in the night. He promised he would come and take me home in the morning, because I was coming home come hell or high water.....
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