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Posted 26-06-2005 at 10:17 by lettie

It never ceases to amaze me what pet owners will do for their darling pets. My dog was on the playing field yesterday, munching her way through a great clump of long grass. I was running up to her shouting and trying to drag her away......... You see, I knew what was coming.

Later in the day, while I was getting my face on for the Accyweb do, the dog was whining to go out into the back garden. I dutifully let her out to do her buisness. Back into the kitchen she trotted and was just about to start toboganning across the kitchen lino when I shouted "NO."

Hanging from her rear end was a piece of undigested grass!!!!! How disgusting.... I grabbed a wad of kitchen roll and proceeded to remove a 4 inch long blade of grass from her jacksie....

Why oh why did I ever end up with this dog?????? What with cleaning my drains and now the dog, my life is becoming one giant cr@pfest....... However, that is not the worst thing I have heard. I once heard on a radio show that a fella had seen something hanging out of his young dog's bottom. When he pulled at it, it was a complete bin liner that the dog had swallowed during a chewing session.. How gross!!!!

I have always enjoyed being a pet owner, but I have to admit some of the things you have to do for them equates to what a parent has to do for a small child. My vet once offered to teach me how to squeeze my dog's anal glands. I think my reply was "NOT ON YOUR NELLY!!!!!!" "That's what I pay you for."

Despite the grass experience, I had a great time at the meet-up. I never regailed the grass story as I didn't want to put anyone off their lovely steak pie. I did tell Sparky before we got there, but you could slaughter someone infront of Sparks and he would carry on eating anyway.
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  1. Old Comment
    garinda's Avatar

    Re: Sickening......

    Lol, thanks for not sharing 'til the pies nicely digested, ta x

    A BIN BAG? PMSL OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Posted 26-06-2005 at 12:02 by garinda garinda is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar

    Re: Sickening......

    I know exactly what you mean Lettie......yesterday Monty was prowling round the house looking decidedly uncomfortable. He kept lifting his back leg and licking his nethers. Oh-oh I thought to myself...something amiss here.
    When I investigated he had half a Richard stuck in his bum hole.......trapped by the hairs of his long coat.
    Nothing for it but to get out the old rubber gloves and try and free him......not a job I relished because he is one BIG MEAN cat and would bite me for fun.
    I put a towel over his head and got him into the grappling position ......then with some old scissors trimmed the hair from his bum a loud chorus of cries, growls and feline expletives.
    It was not an easy job......but I got it done.
    Monty, once released retreated down the stairs at a good pace.......glancing backwards at me growling and spitting. Hey, just in case you hadn't noticed cat... it wasn't fun for me either.
    Posted 26-06-2005 at 12:54 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  3. Old Comment
    -pixie's Avatar

    Re: Sickening......

    Theres times (like right now) that I'm glad my partner has vetoed getting a dog!
    Posted 27-06-2005 at 07:32 by -pixie -pixie is offline

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