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Space Invader....

Posted 26-08-2005 at 09:30 by lettie

Call me mean, but I have had my personal space invaded big style this morning, courtesy of my mother. It really started yesterday, I had a load of errands to run and knew that I wasn't going to be in much. I had told mum that she could come to the house and use my shower. She has an electrician at her house re-wiring at the moment and he was upstairs yesterday, hence the shower at mine.

She said that she'd come at 10 am yesterday, but when I returned from walking the dog at 9.15, there she was, sat on the sofa, brew in hand, telly on and hogging the remote.. It didn't matter so much yesterday, as I was going out. I got changed and went down Blackburn shopping, went to Asda on the way home and when I arrived home 2 hours later, there she was, and honestly she'd never changed position all the time I was out.

I swear it's like Groundhog Day today. I came in from walking the dog, and she's here again, mooching around while the electrician does her living room. The only difference is that today I have to go to work on a late. I have a set routine which ensures that my carpet gets hoovered, washing up done, packed lunch made and I get to work on time. This routine relies on me being alone with no distractions, not having to hoover around anybody or having the telly blaring away in the background. To cap it all, Sparks may be calling round this morning if he can get back from Hull before I set off for work.

I had to shoo her out of the house despite protestations about not being able to sit in her own living room because of the electrician. I told her that seeing as he'd done the upstairs it would be an ideal opportunity for her to start cleaning up there. She's not much of a cleaner, so I have a feeling it will never get done. I told her that Sparks may be coming round and that I was not willing to be kissing and cuddling in front of my mother. I also told her that she is welcome to come and 'hang around' this afternoon when I have gone to work.

That's the thing about living alone...... You get set in your ways and your own little routines. If I had wanted my mother here, then I'd have never left home. We are totally different people, she will happily laze about and let housework pile up around her, I have to do certain things daily so that it doesn't pile up. She enjoys day time mind numbing tv, I like to have complete silence in the mornings when I'm home. We are chalk and cheese but I still love her to bits, I just can't have her under my feet.

So I do feel a bit mean. I have hoovered, washed up and done the packed lunch and I am blogging with my mid-morning brew (another late shift routine). The thing is, now that my cleaning is done, if mum comes here this afternoon it'll need doing again by tonight. She has the ability to leave a trail of destruction wherever she goes...........

Ah well, that's life I suppose.
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  1. Old Comment
    garinda's Avatar

    Re: Space Invader....

    Your poor Mum, tell her she can come and veg with me!
    I know where you coming from, living alone we do become used to routine, and hate it being interupted. No matter how much you love them, they can still bug the sh*t out of you, lol.
    Posted 26-08-2005 at 10:09 by garinda garinda is offline
  2. Old Comment
    harwood red's Avatar

    Re: Space Invader....

    Very envious of your organising skills as mentioned in my blog I'd probably try and do all them jobs 10 mins before leaving for work!
    Posted 26-08-2005 at 11:26 by harwood red harwood red is offline
  3. Old Comment
    slinky's Avatar

    Re: Space Invader....

    Well I'm not too bad in this way. my mum actually lives next door to me, and funnily enough I hardly ever see her. She never comes round to mine, If i want to see her, i have to go round to her house.
    Lettie, could you please teach e how to be organised and motivated, as i am neither!"!!!
    Posted 26-08-2005 at 14:56 by slinky slinky is offline
  4. Old Comment

    Re: Space Invader....

    Stop being so mean Lettie. lol! Thank goodness I live further away.
    Posted 26-08-2005 at 21:08 by grego

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