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What a complete and utter.......

Posted 11-01-2005 at 17:44 by lettie

Waste of time. I have a day off today so in my wisdom I decided to clean my living room carpet. What a total waste of time. My mud magnet of a dog soon put paid to any cleaning attempt on my behalf by leaving a trail of paw prints through the house. My carpet cleaner is one of those Bissell thingies. They look so easy to use on the tv ads but believe me, they are a nightmare. I bought mine second hand, it was still unassembled and in it's original box. The reason it was unassembled was that the previous owner couldn't assemble it. This should have been my first clue to its ease of use, but in the vain hope of a clean carpet I foolishly bought the damn thing. It took me the best part of 3 hours to assemble, but at least I managed it. The thing is heavy and cumbersome, pushing it around doesn't half make your back ache. It has tools for the stairs, but the hose for the tools won't reach to the top of the stairs, meaning that I have to lug the whole thing up there when I want to do the stairs. This explains why my stairs are always filthy because I just don't do them. It doesn't seem to have made my carpet look any cleaner today, but I do think it smells slightly less doggy.
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar

    Re: What a complete and utter.......

    Lettie, I bought a POLTI Vaporetto about 7 years ago and it cost 350..... which I thought was extortionate, but I use it to steam clean the carpets, tiles..... it gets rid of mould in the bathroom and I have an ironing attachement and it whizzes through the ironing. It is coming to the end of its life now, but I would have another one in a flash.....the carpet cleaning though is still a lot of physical exertion. I was going to buy one of those bissell carpet I have read your experinece I think I will just save up and replace the polti.
    Posted 11-01-2005 at 19:17 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  2. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar

    Re: What a complete and utter.......

    Oh and it gets rid of the smell of dogs and even tomcat pee.
    Posted 11-01-2005 at 19:18 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline

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