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The first steps

Posted 23-02-2012 at 16:55 by lettie

I mulled over the idea of quitting smoking for a few months. It was never the right time, I was busy at work, had taken on a new course at Manchester Uni which I had to do lots of extra work for. We were going to be moving house and a million other excuses filled my head, all of which paled into insignificance at the thought of losing my teeth at an early age.

Over that few months I started to enjoy my fags less. I begrudged standing outside in the rain and cold. Lots of other people, who I knew had done it successfully. I had tried several times before, each time culminating in me starting again after a few months/weeks. I was mulling it over more and more then........

I ran into a colleague at work. She was...
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Giving up

Posted 22-02-2012 at 13:42 by lettie

I know that in the last few blog entries, I have touched on the fact that I have given up smoking. I'm not one of those who give up, then suddenly become very anti-smoking. Each to their own I say, but I am glad I did it, especially as I never thought I would.

It all started off with a trip to the Dentist. I go to Oak House and they change Dentists on rotation every year. On this particular day, I met my new Dentist Michelle. Now after a very thorough examination, involving lots of uncomfortable probing, scraping, and an x-ray. Michelle told me that I had quite obvious gum disease. I had been getting recurrent abscesses on my Wisdom Tooth and I had calculi under the gum line.

To be honest, it all sounded rather...
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Posted 21-02-2012 at 15:29 by lettie

So, as I said originally, this relaxation malarkey takes a bit of getting used to.

The first week home was easy enough. Sparks had taken a week off work to look after me (cough), actually he was assisting the joiner who had come to do a load of woodwork for us. This assistance consisted of beeswaxing all of the new architraves, door frames doors etc. as well as other odd jobs that needed doing. I did get the odd brew and offer of food, but couldn't really face it.
To be completely fair to Sparks, he has done more than his fair share of running me here, there and everywhere in the car, over the last few weeks, and he's made a lovely job of the woodwork.

I was no company really for the first few days. I would...
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My bedfellows.

Posted 20-02-2012 at 12:07 by lettie

I have to take this opportunity to say a bit about my fellow inmates whilst I was on the ward. Of course, names will be changed to protect confidentiality, but these women made me want to laugh and cry.

When I arrived in my bay and had been slid into bed, I propped myself up into a sitting position and caught sight of the 3 smiling faces of the women I would share this bay with. The nurse introduced them as 'Connie, Linda and Nasira.'

Connie was obviously the oldest, a small but robust looking lady in her early 70s, she asked what I had had done in the way that elderly people do......
'What've they done to you love?'
'Ooooh, it is nasty is gallbladder, you take it easy love.'
Connie had obviously...
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Posted 16-02-2012 at 08:11 by lettie

I slept on and off that night. It was really strange, one minute I'd feel wide awake then suddenly I would just nod off. Anaesthetic does strange things to you like that. I got up the next morning, took myself off for a wash and got dressed. I managed to eat some cereal albeit reluctantly, but I did keep it down.

The entourage of Doctors came to do their rounds. 'Going somewhere?' the Registrar asked me.
I think I made it clear that I was going home, I can't remember what I said exactly, but they all started laughing. I got a sick note for work and they managed to round up my tablets, although I didn't really need any and Sparks came and collected me. After leaving a tin of chocs and a card for the staff, and doing a quick...
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