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progress of sorts

Posted 14-04-2008 at 17:42 by lindsay ormerod
Updated 14-04-2008 at 20:30 by lindsay ormerod (duff hand !)

Had first meeting with occupational physio today, my hand seems to be more mobile in the week since the plaster came off, I just had a removable spica splint. Today the lovely physio lady had another look at my xrays and guess what.....a fracture, hmmm told them so but did they listen?
Anyhow it appears to have healed on its own and I have exercises to do to try and restore the mobility of my thumb. I also have a dinky little support thing moulded from pink plastic and it sems to be working.
My thumb will never match my other one apparently, due to the damage to the ligaments, which as the physio explained weren't simply sprained but actually torn off the end of my bone leaving my thumb just "swaying in the breeze" as...
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Oh joy

Posted 13-03-2008 at 14:28 by lindsay ormerod

Well , I am back from the fracture clinic, it took hours, thanks to my mum for coming along and to Steph for the lift and patiently waiting !
They sawed off my old plaster, x-rayed my hand and wrist again, poked at it and brought tears to my eyes and then decided to put another plaster on, this time for 3 weeks. Another sick note and next appointment in April ! Nothing is broken apparently but I have damaged the ligaments attaching thumb to hand, I was amazed at the bruises when the plaster came off,my knuckles are all black and swollen and the palm of my hand was bruised too, the bit that really hurts is bruised but didn't look as bad as it felt !
Just as I feared, it's gonna be a long job, my name will be mud at work, or...
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Posted 11-03-2008 at 18:08 by lindsay ormerod

Well, as the more attentive of you know I am somewhat incapacitated at the moment, I have an "acute injury to the ulnar collateral ligaments" , basically the ligaments that attach my left thumb to my left hand aren't doing that any more, also I have dislocated the same thumb as well, never one to do things by halves !
This sad state of affairs came about a week last saturday on a night out with G78 and Misskitty amongst others, I had foolishly put some new high heels on and after a mere 4 pints my already dodgy ankle gave way on leaving the Bees Knees and I put my hand out to stop myself hitting the deck.
On getting back upright I couldn't help but notice that my thumb was looking somewhat wrong, ie pointing in a previously...
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