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Lancaster Hospital trip

Posted 07-05-2008 at 06:16 by Mick
Updated 07-05-2008 at 06:29 by Mick

As you will know if you read my blog i had to go to Lancaster yesterday for a checkup well...
I decided to get there early so i could have a bit of time looking round.
So put the letter they had sent and info of all the medication i was on and the urine sample they asked for in my pocket and
was on Accy Railway station at 9-25am the train timetable said the train would be here for 9-35am er nope 9-50am more like got on the train and it was full of 6year old screaming kids on a school trip to Blackpool great just what i needed that time in the morning
train moved off and got just passed Rishton station when the train came to a stop some sort of delay waited 5 Min's then off we go finally got to Preston .
I thought...
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Here we go again

Posted 02-04-2008 at 09:20 by Mick
Updated 02-04-2008 at 09:27 by Mick

Ever since i had my heart op i have been very short of breath,(don't run for buses anymore)
anyway its been getting worse lately so have been going to the docs he as tried allsorts of tablets but nothing seams to work .
Today i had an appointment at 8-40am with him he said he was going to refare me to the cardiac unit again and gave me a form i filled this in just address phone number and post code and gave it to the receptionist who sorted my appointment out and gave me the details which i just stuffed in my pocket till i got home.
when i did get home i made a brew and switched laptop on and had a read of the letter was impressed with the short date which was the 6th may 2008 at 2-20pm
what i was not impressed with...
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A day trip to York

Posted 15-02-2008 at 06:59 by Mick

My Brother had a few days off work and wanted to go out for the day, and asked me if i would like to go
i thought why not it would make a change, so we decided on york.
I checked the train times and it was nearly a 3 hour ride from Preston so we decided to catch an early train .
the 6-54am train from Preston he sent me a text telling me he was on the train and i set off to meet it at Accrington.
we got to york at about 9-20am
the first place we where going to go round was the railway museum which is next to the station but it did not open till 10am so we walked into the city center.
(we would go round the railway museum on the way home)
The first place we ended up at was the Minster but that only opened...
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THE OP !!!

Posted 29-07-2006 at 08:16 by Mick

Well the day has come at last .
I am sat here with Butterflies Anne and my overnight bag waiting for the ambulance to take us to BVH it is 7am
we have to be there for 10am but the ambulance is early he lands at 8am so off we go got to BVH at 8-45am.
They told me i would be in the new cardiac unit on ward 36 and its on the first floor .
A nurse took us up to the ward and i was given bay 14 or thats what she said its a nice new unit only opened that weekend at a cost of 35 million pounds.
It is that new halve the stuff needed is not there yet no chair for anne to sit on ect the ward is made up of separate bays all with there own bathroom very nice .
We sat on the bed and a male nurse came in and took...
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Posted 18-07-2006 at 07:41 by Mick

Well the private ambulance turned up yesterday at 1-15pm my appointment was for 3-10pm anyway he said we had to pick someone up in Clitheroe on the way so i got in the front and off we went we got to Clitheroe and as luck would have it the ambulance had GPS which got totaly confused with the new estate the lady was on hehe.
we did find her and off we went.
The little old lady we had picked up was going to have her pacemaker checked she was muttering to herself in the back but we where not taking much notice.
anyway we got to Blackpool now i dont know if you have been to BVH but to get to its main entrance you have to go past the place round the roundabout at the end of the road and keep to the left you cant turn right into...
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