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willows wedding pics

Here we go again

Posted 23-01-2006 at 11:19 by Mick

I have had a letter from Blackpool,
They have given me a date to see the heart specialist.
its on the 28th of Feb at least its in Blackburn again.
Hang on we have been here before about 8 months ago.
well i just hope its to give me a date for the op this time i will just have to wait a month to see.
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A day at B.V.H.

Posted 10-01-2006 at 12:51 by Mick

Well things got off to the same start as last time,
phoned the hospital to make sure there is a bed free "yes said the nurse"
so private Ambulance at 9am we got there for 9-45am at least this time we new where the ward was no wandering round the hospital .
Got to the lift there was a porter there waiting to use it too but it had got stuck so he had to go up a floor and press the button from that floor first.
here we go i thought hehe
got to the ward 12 while we were waiting to be seen and bed sorted out there was a big crash Anne and me turned round to see a little old lady on the floor with a bottle of oxygen next to her she had turned round and tripped over the tube (why she had been left on her own...
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Here we go again

Posted 08-01-2006 at 11:00 by Mick

I had a letter from B.V.H on friday saying they want me in AGAIN on monday the 9/1/2006(which happens to be me brothers birthday) at 10 am
so as i unpacked my bag i have that to do again.
so much for 6 weeks notice hehe
Well we will see if i get a bed this time i have to be up at 6-30am to get ready and nothing to eat or drink after 8am .
The big problem i have is getting Anne up at this time of a morning hehe
I will let you know how it goes and if you do not see me on line for a day or two you know i got a bed .
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Blackpool at last

Posted 21-12-2005 at 09:01 by Mick

Well its the 19th i have been over to Preston to see my mum and brother .
so its time to get ready for tomorrow so bag ready overnight stuff in bag right bath time .
Must remember to have a shave (no not my face thats the wrong end)
ok all done we have to be up at 6-30am .
yawn morning clock goes off i think i will let Anne have another halve hour so at 7 i shout for Anne to get up she is not in a good mood "why do i have to get up in the middle of the night"?
hehe we have to be ready for the Ambulance to pick us up from 8am
7-30am ring BVH to make sure they have a bed no answer will ring after my brew i cant have anything to eat or drink after 8am
8am rang BVH ward 12 please hello its mr...
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Blackpool here i come

Posted 06-12-2005 at 11:04 by Mick

Well what a day i had in Blackpool Victoria Hospital .
The private ambulance picked me up at 11-30am as we had to pick another lady up on the way she lived in Blackburn and her apointmant was for 1pm mine was for 1-45pm.
instead of going straight there we took the back roads there going through places i did not know existed .
anyway we got there for 12-30 ish and the driver parked up at the main entrance which was fine for the lady but i had as i found out a marathon to do as i had to go to the other end of the hospital i got to what was called annex U and there was a notice there saying "Please take a seat and a nurse would be with you in a short while " so i sat i got there at 12-45 pm and did not see a nurse till...
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