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willows wedding pics

Part 3

Posted 05-09-2005 at 10:30 by Mick

After suffering angina for about 3 years I was sent to BVH for another angiogram
But this time we got a private ambulance there and back which was great and it did not cost a penny.
The result of the angiogram was the same as the first and the consultant told me then that they were conducting trials using stents against bypass op and would I be prepared to go for the trial I said that would be ok and he said he would put me on the list.
But while I was waiting a complication set in I got an abscess on my lower spine, which was very painful and leaked most of the time.
I went to my doctor and he said they would not to the heart op until this was sorted out as it could lead to an infection, so he made me an appointment...
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Posted 04-09-2005 at 11:12 by Mick

Part 2
After what seamed like ages I got a letter from Blackpool asking me to go for an angiogram, I did not know what to expect so Anne and me thought thatís ok we can have a look round Blackpool after, we had to be there for 10am which is if you know Anne just a little bit early for her but we got the train and got to south shore in plenty of time from there we got a taxi to BVH the staff there where very nice and new I would be apprehensive but put my mind at rest,
There were about 6 waiting for angiograms so we got talking as you do just nerves most of it I think
Then the nurse came round with the very fashionable gowns and a pair of paper underwear to put on.
We were taken on trolleys in twos to the x-ray area...
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The Heart the full story

Posted 04-09-2005 at 10:27 by Mick

just thought you would like to now the full story
It all started when I had a heart attack about 8 years ago, I had been moving a fridge and then sat down for my tea .
No problems although I have suffered with heart burn and acid for a few years,
Anyway about 8pm I started with what I thought was heartburn as you do
But it got worse pain in my chest and arm and my jaw I said to Anne to ring the docs as this was more than acid heartburn she got through and told the doc what had happened he said he would ring back in 10 mins at this stage I was going grey my chest felt like it was in a vice and I could hardly breath ,
The doctor rung back and asked how I was Anne said I was worse so he said he...
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Posted 30-08-2005 at 14:48 by Mick

Well its the 30th and i have been a bag of nerves all day mez took Anne and me to the hospital (thankyou mez you are so kind)
we went in i had to go for a chest x-ray first then a E.C.G so i had that done no problem
Now it was time to see the consultant we waited and waited had a butty and waited finaly got in to see him i thought he would say right we will do the op next week but NO he looked at me and Anne and then at my notes and said .
Your Angiogram is out of date we will have to have another 1 done at BLACKPOOL before we can go ahead .
i said thats fine what time do you want us there he said hold on there is a 6 month waiting list for them .
so i feel like i am back to square 1 again wait wait
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Posted 04-07-2005 at 13:48 by Mick

Well its finally going to happen .my heart bypass op(i had a heard attack a few years ago that left me with angina )
I got a letter through this morning from the hospital,saying i have to go for a pre-op checkup.
The op will be in Blackpool ,but the pre-op tests will be done in Blackburn on the 30th August .
I am VERY nerves now so what i will be like near the time god knows .
I have had 2 Angiograms the results being QUOTE" 2 Arteries are nearly blocked and 1 looks like a bit of string"
This op has had to be put off before as i have had to have 3 other ops on my back as i had 2 absesses on the lower spine and they would not do the heart op incase of infections .
On 1 of these occasions the...
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