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Posted 01-07-2017 at 11:05 by Mick

Just a quick note
To all the members asking after my health and members that have been round to see me after leaving hospital Thankyou it's good to see and hear from you

If your thinking of calling round to see me just let me let you know thanks to a MP getting involved we are moving to a ground floor flat on the 22nd July
So won't be at Persia st after that date moving to Huncoat if you want my new address please text me and I will pass my new address on
All the best Mick
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Resting in Peace
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Posted 09-06-2015 at 10:51 by Mick
Updated 13-06-2015 at 05:29 by Mick

As you will know I have been in a lot of pain of late my back and round my kidneys has been very sore and keeping me up at night
I was sent for X-ray at Accy vic those show I have osteoporosis in my spine and have fractured my 12th virtibra this is where most of the pain is coming from
I was also sent to royal Blackburn hospital for an ultrasound scan the results are back and show no problems
So all my pain is down to the fracture
The doc says I got osteoporosis from taking the steroids they gave me for a bad chest infection over Christmas
Steroids weeken the bones
I fractured my spine when I stepped off a bus in town by the time I had got to M & S I could hardly move was in agony
I have also...
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Posted 05-05-2014 at 14:39 by Mick

Really fed up since I have been diagnosed with emphysema and pulmonary fibrosis I have been getting more and more breathless
I cant get out like I used to I used to love walking and taking photos
now I cant walk up that great big mountain to Tesco's
I cant carry much shopping
last time I went to the market I got that breathless I nearly passed out and had to lean on one of the stalls to steady myself
all I had in my carrier bag was 2 newspapers and 2 pound of mince
I was planning another trip to Brugge but that's been put on hold as there is no way I will make it
sorry just sat here on a sunny mayday bank holiday Monday and thought I would have a moan.
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Dropping to bits

Posted 24-09-2013 at 07:51 by Mick

As most of you know I have heart problems (angina) and recently told I have pulmonary fibrosis and emphysema.
well I had to go for my regular eye test and was told the pressure in the eye was a bit high and would be referred to the doc or hospital to be tested for glaucoma.
just wondering what bit will go wrong next
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Hospital 2

Posted 11-09-2013 at 07:30 by Mick

If you read my last blog you will know I now have been diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis and emphysema.
The consultant said he was very concerned and said he will want to see me again in a couple of months and in the mean time to take some tablets 3 times a day
he said I might have a problem getting hold of them though and if I did to get back to him.
anyway I took the prescription to Lloyds chemist on Blackburn road (my usual chemist) I was telling them there might be a problem but the cocky chemist said oh we will have them in stock she went round the back and came back very sheepish saying this will have to be a special order and will take some time to get them.
I now have the tablets ACC 600 the active ingredient...
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