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public transport

Posted 08-11-2006 at 22:14 by Nell (dream journal)

I got on the bus today with a load of drama students, (nothing wrong ther i used to be one) However i did expect them to be loud, even singing wouldn't have been a shock, but what i did not expect to endure was this snotty disgusting girl, who coughed and snorted her way all the way to Rawtenstall! I nearly through some tissues at her! God i hope she covered her mouth. She was on public transport for godsake! Think of the others.
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front crawl

Posted 14-05-2006 at 15:56 by Nell (dream journal)

my life is a river of **** that im frantically trying to swim day i'll just give up and drown.
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nothing much happened

Posted 01-05-2006 at 10:47 by Nell (dream journal)

Last nite i dreamt i was talking to a bloke who was trying to help me, he was a bit stressed and was in a hurry, he kept talking to a bloke on the phone called Grego and saying, 'i wont be long,i wont be long'
That was a boring dream!
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nuclear power plant leak

Posted 30-04-2006 at 13:53 by Nell (dream journal)

so, me and the kids, the cast of eastenders and some 70's people were in this power plant when they suddenly realised there was a leak. Dont remember most of it, just this feeling of danger and dread. The worst bit was this little child had sneaked into this room that needed to be flooded to stop the leak spreading. The people in charge didn't notice, so this woman in 70's dress went to rescue him. Anyway they both got seriously contaminated and burnt and even tho it was my dream, i couldn't watch! It was too gruesome. Dont know what we were doing there, think we were all hiding out~
I dreamt this after meeting everyone at a meet, what's the connection? Contamination?
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