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I'm a CSI widow!

Posted 27-07-2005 at 21:10 by -pixie (The twitterings of a pixie.)

I swear that program is the other woman!
I don't mind, it gives me more time to browse through all things weddingy. I think this blog in itself has turned into a sort of wedding blog, as I only seem to use it when I run out of people who will listen to me twitter on. I figure I have only got another 9 months of being a wonderfully self obsessed bride to be and will be making the most of it.
My mother is on cloud nine at the moment as I have just bought my dress. It was in the shop I only went in to shut her up and the dress I only tried on to shut her up. Needless to say I have heard endless variations of "Mother knows best" and "I told you so!".
I didn't realise it would be this much fun planning the...
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A very weddingy post - sorry!

Posted 16-06-2005 at 07:36 by -pixie (The twitterings of a pixie.)

It's just what a was afraid of - I am turning into a sad, sad woman who spent yesterday worrying about wedding favours and whether they were important, and if we didn't have them would people notice. Or if we DID have them how much should we spend, should we get matching ribbon and what colour rose should adorn them? It took half a bottle of red wine to cure me although I did notice that the colour of the wine matched my bridesmaids dresses...aaaargh!
It has been a rather nice week though - our booking for the registrar at Blackburn came through and its all very posh and handwritten and its made it all seem official now. The "legal" stuff is done - it just needs tarting up a bit now! I still need to go and collect a certificate...
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Quick opinions please

Posted 30-05-2005 at 21:00 by -pixie (The twitterings of a pixie.)

I can't find a link to the story, but it was a couple of weeks ago now. A mother flew to the USA and flew all the way back because her 12 month old girl refused to take a bottle from her father, she wanted her mothers breast. It cost her quite a lot of money. I remember thinking at the time how utterly stupid it was. This woman was being hailed as the ultimate mother, but all I could think of was how stupid she was. I mean, if the child was refusing to feed, I'd have left them to it. A child isn't going to starve itself - it will eat in the end. Its stomach will win over anything else at the end of the day!
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On the topic of motherhood...

Posted 30-05-2005 at 19:53 by -pixie (The twitterings of a pixie.)

Margarets admissions of not being an "Instant Mother" has made me reflect a little on my own abilities as a mother and how I seem to deviate from the "norm". For instance at playgroup I will smack the brat on the hand if he misbehaves after he has already been warned, whilst other mothers take a softly, softly approach (which doesn't work I might add). One of them actually hinted that the "tap" on the hand was tantamount to child abuse.
I also refuse to "baby talk" to the brat. He has never known "moo-cows" or "woof woofs" - he has known "Cows" and "Dogs". Again its something I have been criticised for - for talking to my own son like a human being rather...
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Kids - who'd have em?

Posted 17-05-2005 at 09:22 by -pixie (The twitterings of a pixie.)

I swear if the brat doesn't learn a new word other than "No", he may well be coming soon to a door step near you! I think he's entering the terrible twos early....groan!
And weren't the pics from Willow and Busmans wedding lovely? I do wish I could have gone, but it was my future stepsons birthday and we had a kids party instead. So while all you lot were getting lashed, I was playing pass the parcel and musical statues. Still at 9 it is probably the last ever time he will tolerate and enjoy a proper kiddies party.
At least I got to see how nicley cream and burgundy go together - great minds think alike as that is my colour scheme too! Realised as well that it is less than a year away - this time next year I will be...
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