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More Accyweb spotting!

Posted 09-05-2005 at 19:34 by -pixie

This time it was mez in Asda. I was sorely tempted to go over and see if she is as nice in real life as she is on here, but a part of me was just thinking "what if its NOT her and you look like some crazy stalker?". Or if it was her and she didn't appreciate being disturbed whilst browsing in Asda.
I think I may take up Accyweb spotting as a hobby. Get one of the group shots from the gallery and tick members off as they are sighted around town!
If you read this mez, I was the lass in the black coat and trousers as we both went through the sale rail!
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  1. Old Comment
    Margaret Pilkington's Avatar

    Re: More Accyweb spotting! should go for it. If it hadn't been Mez you would have perhaps made someone's day and a new friend.
    Posted 09-05-2005 at 19:40 by Margaret Pilkington Margaret Pilkington is offline
  2. Old Comment
    -pixie's Avatar

    Re: More Accyweb spotting!

    Hahaha..I should add that another reason i didn't is beacuse I hadn't got any make up on either and I look quite corpselike without my lippy!
    Posted 09-05-2005 at 19:44 by -pixie -pixie is offline
  3. Old Comment
    Mick's Avatar

    Re: More Accyweb spotting!

    you should speak to them we all are a friendly bunch and will stop to talk .
    mez will keep you chating for ages hehe
    if you ever see mick on the market with a black fleece on it will have accyweb on the back you cant miss me hehe
    Posted 10-05-2005 at 07:57 by Mick Mick is offline
  4. Old Comment

    Re: More Accyweb spotting!

    hiya pixie, yes i was in asda last night with my gran/daughter, i was looking for something specific, i wish you had spoken to me , mabe you could have helped me & given me a few ideas, speak to me next time please,you see we are at a dissadvantage, cos you have all seen US on the pics, WE don't know what you all look like.he he he , i would loved to have met you.
    Posted 10-05-2005 at 20:51 by mez

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