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So here we are & yes its been a while.

Posted 19-08-2022 at 19:11 by DaveinGermany (A Donkeys deliberations)
Updated 19-08-2022 at 19:36 by DaveinGermany

August 2022 & after a long absence I've returned to the fold of scribes. Initially the return won't be in my usual vein of jocular mayhem as I intend to explain my abstinence on these pages so please bear with me on this one, eventually normal service will be resumed.

So the last time I graced these pages it was to confirm the passing of our "Kleines Madel" & from that point on things didn't really get much better but life goes on. (We) I have had a pretty tumultuous few years leading to this present point in time & if you will allow me I'd like to open up to my friends on here.

So about mid 2017 Marion was getting lots of pains & problems (not me this time ) & as such was backwards...
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So here we are & yes its been a while.

Posted 19-08-2022 at 19:08 by DaveinGermany (A Donkeys deliberations)
Updated 19-08-2022 at 19:34 by DaveinGermany (double post)

sorry double post
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We Aren't Sailing,We Aren't Sailing...

Posted 18-08-2020 at 12:39 by Less

There's an advert comes on between progs for 'our time online dating for over 50's'

(I had tried doing a link to it but I think they've been hijacked by a porn site, some nice ladies showing all their charms).
So I'll work without the ad'

Anyhow an attractive 50+ sat on a sofa saying, 'I'm having so much fun'.

Unfortunately it doesn't tempt me to join just reminds me of my early 20's, a friend of mine had inherited a clapped out dinghy and about six of us had been persuaded to help him do it up at weekends.

Of course it was an all male affair agreed upon due to the cramped sleeping conditions on board allowing for no privacy. We would head down to the coast Friday nights with...
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escape arranged for tomorrow 16/5

Posted 15-05-2018 at 16:28 by MargaretR

I have qualified for NHS funded nursing care so I am moving to a nursing home where a nurse is always present 24/7.
They do not have resident zombies and food is cooked fresh on the premises (no warmed up junk)
My son has been packing my belongings today - so I am a bit knackered - will blog again when settled in.
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Escape plan started

Posted 20-04-2018 at 11:53 by MargaretR

I may be moving out of this zombie prison soon.
I have gained enough strength to stir the shy te here because I arranged for the 'cook' to supply me with toddler food from ASDA instead of the warmed up junk they serve here.I ask for it NOT to be heated up
I await a visit from a social worker to find me a home which meets my needs.
I haven't had my body or hair washed for a year. I brought 3 sets of bedding when I came here- they are 'lost' frequently -I often wait for 2 weeks until they find some of it - probably been on someone else's bed (stained). Lost knickers I replaced by using paper knickers - just didn't fancy wearing some that had been messed by someone else.
I use a lot of hankies because my nose streams clear...
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