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Birthday week = expensive week! lol

Posted 11-05-2006 at 21:57 by shillelagh

It was my sisters birthday last saturday, my nephews on wednesday and my great nieces today and its cost me a fortune! But you when your sis does as much for me and its only twice a year (including christmas) you will always buy her a pressie. She gives me a lift home from work i walk round to her house and most of the time she asks me to stop for tea. She takes me shopping sometimes and takes me out for the day as well. Anyway she has a crazy dog - a jack russell and he's destroyed her back garden - she doesnt have grass she has mud or well in this weather dirt so she said if i was buying her something she wanted a pot for her garden. I said i'd make her one like i have done before for her. Anyway with the dog bite and it all being bandaged...
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An expedition....

Posted 08-05-2006 at 18:23 by lettie

I have had a day off from my dissertation work today in order to go on an expedition to deepest, darkest Manchester for a bit of retail therapy. I needed some new holiday clothes and my companion needed maternity stuff. Only being a little bit pregnant, she is at the stage where her normal clothes are getting tight, but maternity stuff is too big.

It was a challenge but we faced it bravely and both came back with some stuff. I got a couple of pairs of shorts for my hols........Well, they would be more aptly named as 'longs' really. Gone are the days when I can get away with short shorts. At present, my legs are too white and hairy for the 'longs' too, but I'm working on it.......Honest.

Got a couple of guidebooks...
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It's over ... for another year!

Posted 05-05-2006 at 16:46 by shillelagh

Well I got beat. Not surprising really after whats gone on in the papers the last couple of weeks. Mind you i did up my vote. Last time i stood in this ward i got 236 votes this time i got 275. So it was an improvement. We had our count this morning instead of doing the count last night. I had to go to the doctors this morning before i went to the count to get the finger redressed. The nurse said it's healing very well. And go back Monday. Now its's all clean again. I've had to go and buy some rubber gloves so then i could wash up and not get the damn thing wet.
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All done...Yes!!!!

Posted 04-05-2006 at 14:51 by lettie

I have finished my 7 nights. As I was walking out of work this morning I felt like running, whooping down the car park. I now have 7 nights off so I should get some quality dissertation time hopefully. The only thing is that next wednesday I have agreed to go into work and teach on one of the mandatory study days. I should get my time back for it with any luck.

I still need to identify a time when I can get to GUM clinic and do the HIV clinic, I think it will be helpful to my dissertation. I will see how far I have come with it by monday and happen ring them up to see if I can go on tuesday. There is also a meeting on tuesday afternoon at work which I really should attend.

I can see my time off this week being whittled...
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I am not doing this again ........... well until next year anyway!

Posted 02-05-2006 at 23:08 by shillelagh

I am not doing this again! Some of you know this anyway that im standing in the elections on Thursday. Anyway i was out delivering leaflets tonight and i i stuffed a leaflet through a door and the dog decided he didnt like the leaflet and bit me! I was dropping blood every where. I ended up at Accy Vic and they cleaned it up and its all bandaged up - one finger on my right hand and its hurting like hell! It's a good job i get painkillers from the doctors. I have to go on Friday and get the dressing changed. It's typical this ive had a bad cold, had another fit and now i get bit by a dog! Im sat here with my finger pointing northwards cos i cant type with it and its throbbing. By the time i got up to accy vic it had stopped bleeding...
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