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So quiet.

Posted 13-04-2006 at 09:28 by lettie

Life is feeling very strange at the moment. Everything is fine at work and I'm ok when I'm there. Coming home is hard, it's just so quiet now and I keep expecting to see the dog. I have started to move some of her things and am surprised at just how much stuff she had. I have managed to get all of her toys together and bag them up under the stairs.
I still have lots of dog food in the kitchen, one of my colleagues is going to have it, as she's recently taken in an old dog. I would rather it went to someone than just be chucked away.

In an attempt to try to cheer myself up I am going to have a look for a new suite at the weekend. I always promised myself that I would get one when the dog and cat had died. The little buggers...
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Posted 12-04-2006 at 18:42 by slinky


Well it's my fault really. I have 7 days off work now. Not holidays.....just rota worked out this way. I was ready for a good rest this week, that was until I was sat with a cup of coffee this morning looking into my dinning room and thinking " god i hate that colour of paint. I hated it when i first put it on and I hate it now" Yes you guessed!!! by dinner time I was in Glynn Web buying paint. I started about 2pm and I am pretty pleased with myself. I managed to paint my dinning room, my kitchen and the ceiling in 2 1/2 hours and that was giving dinning room its second coat.
I haven't finished yet kitchen needs about 2 more coats yet, which will be done tomorrow....
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No decision.

Posted 11-04-2006 at 13:54 by lettie

We called at Mick's last night in an attempt to fix Sparky's computer. Some of you may have noticed that he has not been on the site for a while, it is because his computer has demised, temporarily we hope. Mick is helping to fix it and all being well he will be joining us again by the end of the week.
After Mick's we went to see Garinda for a chat and a drink. We ended up calling in the Black Dog for a quick drink with Rindy, Chav and HR. It was a nice distraction from the events of my day, and even though I looked like hell, I managed a laugh or 2.
I came home and said goodnight to my little friend, she had to be nil by mouth from last night so I was dreading getting up for work this morning and being incessantly barked at for...
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Bubble burst.

Posted 10-04-2006 at 13:59 by lettie

I have been rather cheery of late but unfortunately the bubble has burst so to speak. I knew that something would typically come along and stamp the happiness out of me.
I have been worried about the dog since coming home from work on Saturday night. She has been straining to go to the toilet, both ways. When she passes water she will squat, strain and do what amounts to a couple of drops. She must have been 12 times on Saturday night between 9.30 and 10.30pm.
She was no better on Sunday and I managed to have a little look at her. I have found what amounts to a huge, hard mass on the lower right side of her abdomen, what a doctor would call the inguinal area. She did have a smallish lump there, which I showed the vet last year,...
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Posted 09-04-2006 at 21:29 by slinky

Oh well, its Sunday again..........and today I can say " I haven't done much at all" and I'm bloody proud of it too .

I work every other weekend, so this weekend is my weekend off. I finished work on Friday and went up to Tinks house for a girlie chat and a beer or 9!! Had a hang over yesterday, which wasn't too bad because I got to lie in. Today I got up about 11am, lounged around in PJ's til 1pm......then got dressed and went out for dinner with ginger, kids, my 2 friends and there 2 kids. This is our normal Sunday when I am off!! and I really enjoy it. I enjoy it more when I get back belly kitchen still clean......ginger goes out to work and I just mong out on the settee for the rest...
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