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well well!!!

Posted 23-03-2006 at 18:56 by slinky

Sorry haven't updated for a while. Plenty has happened. Got a week off work at the moment, and it hasn't been the best week.

My last day was Saturday, and I had bad tooth ache for 3 days.......( wisdom tooth ouch)......... anyone that knows me will know, I hate dentists, but, by Sunday I couldn't take anymore, so off I went to accy vic and had the ****** ripped out. I don't know why I get worked up, they never ever hurt me, and are always really good with me.... I just guess if you're scared you're scared. So RESULT!! no more tooth ache.....ONLY then I get a bad cold, a stinker of a cold, that only really rears it's ugly head at night. The kind of cold that if I lye on my left side, my left nostril gets blocked, if I lye on...
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Snot, snot and more snot.....

Posted 23-03-2006 at 18:37 by lettie

The cold is going nowhere. It seems to be clinging onto me for dear life and refusing to budge. Some days are better than others and I don't feel ill at all. Other days, I am so blocked up that I can't smell anything (not always a bad thing), my head feels lousy at times too. Sparks has also caught it and feels rotten too.

I have just had my days off from work. I have spent most of them doing my housework and working on my dissertation. I have started a chapter on epidemiology, looking specifically at spread of HIV within the UK. I have found some interesting trends, but have had to do all of the maths that goes with it. Maths was never my strong point but I do think that I have managed to work out all of the percentages right....
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I'm Still Waiting..........

Posted 22-03-2006 at 21:51 by junetta

It's just over a week since I went for my interview and still no news. I was so full of hope last week but it's started to dwindle as the days go on. As they did promise to let me know, I'm holding on so far, but I reckon I will have given in by the weekend. Never mind, I did hear that they are looking for a lap dancer in Las Americas.....hee hee!

I had such a treat today. Lamb is so expensive here so we don't have it often. I've been really fancying a roast lamb dinner for ages and pursuaded 'im indoors to cook it. I don't think I've enjoyed a meal so much in years. There's enough to have with chips tomorrow too!

Whilst I was sitting on the balcony enjoying a nice brandy before dinner, I was thinking about...
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There's no smoke..........

Posted 18-03-2006 at 13:54 by lettie

Had a bit of a mixed week this week. Most of it has been lousy but there have been some good bits (honest).....

My day off on monday was spent doing some dissertation work. I have had to get back into it after my hols and I honestly feel like it is going nowhere..... The least said about that the better..

I woke up on tuesday with a stinking cold, headache, blocked nose and tickly cough. Went to see the Kings of Swing at the Opera House with Sparks. It was a good show, but I sniffed and snorted all the way through it.

Wednesday I was back to work, it was a decent shift but I was feeling a bit rotten by then, the tickly cough had turned productive and I was coughing up oysters every few minutes....
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I have to learn to say no!

Posted 17-03-2006 at 23:22 by shillelagh

It says it all really! lol Anyway i've had two really late nights - well early mornings really even beating this - came on here this morning before i went to bed last night. Nowt strange in that is there except it was 6.30am! Found out i missed 4 phone calls and 5 text messages not bothered about that - i got caught later and sometimes i wish i didnt either! Anyway i'm supposed to be going to get my photo took tomorrow. But because i havent changed my hair or my glasses and i'm always being told that i havent changed i think they can use the one from 4 years ago!

Anyway what else have i been doing - nowt much really just working, playing pool and going to the quiz night again! Pool - we won a match 5-4 and i won my doubles...
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