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I have to learn to say no!

Posted 17-03-2006 at 23:22 by shillelagh

It says it all really! lol Anyway i've had two really late nights - well early mornings really even beating this - came on here this morning before i went to bed last night. Nowt strange in that is there except it was 6.30am! Found out i missed 4 phone calls and 5 text messages not bothered about that - i got caught later and sometimes i wish i didnt either! Anyway i'm supposed to be going to get my photo took tomorrow. But because i havent changed my hair or my glasses and i'm always being told that i havent changed i think they can use the one from 4 years ago!

Anyway what else have i been doing - nowt much really just working, playing pool and going to the quiz night again! Pool - we won a match 5-4 and i won my doubles...
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Posted 16-03-2006 at 23:43 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

I finished work at lunchtime today and not back till Monday now. and a hectic few days coming up too.

Straight from work I went to change a faulty lamp shade that I have been meaning to sort out for weeks. It's weird how something so simple is so satisfying, crossing off something that has been on your to do list for so long. Then I went and did a bit of retail therapy, not my favourite pastime but was looking for something new and funny how I prob bought every other type of clothing except for what I was looking for which is a new going out top!! I bought some trousers for work, a few casual tops, knickers, bra, some costume jewellery and some school shirts for the lads but no going out top!!!

I then rushed home...
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Looking Good

Posted 15-03-2006 at 23:42 by junetta

Thank you Lettie, Harwood Red and Margaret for your good wishes x
I was up early, had my bath and was just about to attack my hair with the hot brush when the phone rang. My interview time changed from 10 o'clock to half past four!!
It was such a long day. To pass a bit of time on I went to the Post Office to collect a parcel but, as it is only open until eleven, the queue stretched half way down the street! As you may imagine, I didn't have the patience for that. Next stop the bank, all ok there, maybe my day could improve!
It did! My interview was really brilliant and the job is mine as long as the owner of the company approves it. As she was the one who asked to see me, I reckon all could be ok so watch this space!...
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A Job.......happen!

Posted 15-03-2006 at 00:37 by junetta

I'm a little excited tonight and decided that I wanted to share!
There I was pootling about the apartment, trying to get myself interested in washing the pots, like you do, when the phone rang! I really can't believe it as I was asked to go for an interview when I hadn't applied for a job!
Positions in offices, in Tenerife, are as rare as rocking horse poo, and here I am having fifty fits about a 10 o'clock appointment, tomorrow morning.
I have to admit the whole truth. It's part-time, just one day a week but it's a foot in the door and as I'm carting on to 55 I can't ask for more.
To be honest, it would really make my life. I need something to aim for, something to think about, I just love to have a desk in front...
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Accident Prone..

Posted 14-03-2006 at 14:31 by lettie

The snow has brought back some memories for us all. I have really enjoyed reading the other journals and chuckling.

My memory really doesn't have anything to do with the snow.......well, not a lot. It was winter 1978/9 and I was in my last year at Peel Park, Mr Rawlinson's class, a lovely fella who used to make us all laugh. We had a bit of snow that winter and one especially bad day we played out. Our chip shop was open and my mum was working. She had a lady who used to work for her part time, and this lady brought her daughter, Avril, with her so that we could all play together. Kids being kids, we didn't like her daughter and used to tease her. She was a snotty nosed little brat, who for some reason, my parents liked.
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