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having a bad day

Posted 20-09-2005 at 16:37 by shillelagh

Im having a bad day today - already told slinks and i asked if i should do a blog and she said do it but dont put no names and make sure it isnt actionable! lol dont want accyweb being took off the web do we - wot would i do without the chatroom at nite? lol

Anyway here goes. As you know my mum has carers in the morning and at nite. I'm having problems with the care agency. I've rang and told my social worker and shes looking into it so i've gone official. Anyway we've been having problems the times the carers are coming - can u imagine it a 79 yr old woman who goes to bed about 9pm the carers being put down to come at 11.30pm to put her to bed! That happened a couple of week back. Anyway at weekend the carer turned up...
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Posted 20-09-2005 at 13:56 by lettie

I had a bit of a rough day and night yesterday. I worked on Sunday night and fell sleepily into bed on Monday morning. I was only asleep for a couple of hours when I was woken up with the most nagging abdominal pain. Unable to get back to sleep, I ended up getting out of bed and pacing around. I got dressed and took the dog out, thinking that a bit of activity would shift the pain. It didn't, so I resorted to going to Asda to do the shopping. Needless to say, I was worn out last night, so I went to bed early.

I fell asleep alright, but then woke up after an hour with heartburn and period pain. I never used to get period pain, well nothing that bothered me, but in the last couple of years it seems to be getting worse. Disgruntled...
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Posted 20-09-2005 at 12:25 by slinky

Went on my lesson today, it is all going really well. At the end my instructor asked me if I minded him doing a Mock driving test next week. I said no, because it doesn't really bother me. He said I am well up to driving test standard, and that's why he want to do the Mock next week.
I was quite chuffed when he said this, because anyone who knows me, knows that I don't have a great deal of confidence in anything that I do, and always think I'm bad at everything.
I said to him " are you sure"?? and he said " yes of course I'm sure, you have picked all this up very well".
I was thinking it might have taken me at least 100 lessons before my test, and then at least 100 more after I had failed, hehehe....
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childhood holidays....

Posted 20-09-2005 at 00:03 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

as I have mentioned before, my early childhood was spent living above our family newsagents... Looking back compared to others it would have seemed a strange childhood. We didn't have family holidays, actually tell a lie we had one where we went to a cottage in the middle of nowhere, had a powercut and played games by candle light (oh but it was fun). That one family holiday was cut short as there was problems at one of the shops (we had a few shops by this time) so we all ended going home after only 3 days! We used to split our holidays, me going with my mum, my brother going with my dad or vice versa. I remember one holiday I went with my mum down to bournemouth as I got really bad sun burn on my lower back where the sun cream had been missed...
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Food fest....

Posted 18-09-2005 at 09:54 by lettie

I have had a major food fest this week, to the point where I had to undo my belt and jeans whilst returning from Skipton yesterday. It all started on Friday, Sparks finished work early so we met up in town for lunch. We went to Church St chippy where neither of us has been for years. We ordered fish and chips and sat in the cafe at the back with a can of Dandelion and Burdoch each. I haven't had D&B since I was a kid and it was so good....

Sparks has been getting painful attacks of heartburn recently and has had them all week. He was so quiet on thursday night at the theatre that I thought he'd fallen asleep. Needless to say, the fish and chips did nothing to cure the pain and by Friday evening I was also feeling a tad uncomfy....
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