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Jet's Turn

Posted 27-08-2005 at 15:59 by West Ender

Hello you people. Don't tell my mum I've hijacked her blog, will you?

My name's Jet. I'm a very beautiful canine with wiry black hair on my back, a grey head with a lovely beard and wonderful eyebrows, a white blaze on my chest and the most attractive, grey speckled spindly legs. I'm gorgeous.

I'm venerable, you know, I'm 16. I am also the most important member of this household. Well, my mum is the pack-leader and I have to do what she says but I'm still very important.

Anyway, what I wanted to tell you is they took me to the v-e-t's last week. I don't know why 'cause I'm not ill, apart from the rheumatics in my legs. Ooh they play me up first thing in a morning. The damn things have a life...
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Space Invader....

Posted 26-08-2005 at 09:30 by lettie

Call me mean, but I have had my personal space invaded big style this morning, courtesy of my mother. It really started yesterday, I had a load of errands to run and knew that I wasn't going to be in much. I had told mum that she could come to the house and use my shower. She has an electrician at her house re-wiring at the moment and he was upstairs yesterday, hence the shower at mine.

She said that she'd come at 10 am yesterday, but when I returned from walking the dog at 9.15, there she was, sat on the sofa, brew in hand, telly on and hogging the remote.. It didn't matter so much yesterday, as I was going out. I got changed and went down Blackburn shopping, went to Asda on the way home and when I arrived home 2 hours later,...
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Posted 25-08-2005 at 23:21 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

I believe I must be the worlds worst procrastinator as I have a terrible habit of leaving things right to the last minute... it drives me mad but yet I still do it! Reading mag's blog about ironing reminded me of how bad I was with it. The pile would be so high that I literally wouldn't have any clothes left before I would start it. Now as usual once I start I do the lot and then make the same old promise "I won't let it pile up like that again" but then I always did. Now I send it to my friends every fortnight and she brings it back all nicely pressed and on hangers... I know makes me sound lazy but I hate it sooooo much and she likes ironing and the extra cash comes in handy for her too (so she tells me). I wish I could say that...
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Posted 25-08-2005 at 12:55 by lettie

Fantastic news!!!!! Sparky is coming home on tonights boat. He will be back for a week, and he sounds knackered. He has phoned this morning and I screeched off Whitebirk roundabout and onto the car park at the Red Lion in order to take his call. Honestly he only ever rings when I'm driving or on the petty.....

He was phoning to ask if I like Champagne, which I had to admit I'm not that keen on. I can get it down but I always think it smells a bit farty (even the good stuff). It gets me mega drunk and I always have a massive headache the following day. He is bringing home some wine instead. We had to terminate the call when he wandered into the chocolate section of the shop. I couldn't stand all the oooohing and aaaaahing and...
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little thief

Posted 24-08-2005 at 23:08 by harwood red (Harwood Red's waffle)

Ok so now you'll probably know me as the penny sweet thief....oh the shame. I was about 5 or 6 years old when I did that but as I said in my last entry after having the living daylights scared out of me by my Mum surely I wouldn't ever attempt something like that again!!!!! WRONG! It was about 4 years later and when I really should have known better....

The shop closed about 6pm each evening and we would all sit down for tea. Afterwards I asked if I could go to my friends who literally just lived across the road and through a little ginnel (harrogate is full of little ginnels) and she said yes. I had got a bit too old for the 10 pennies by this age so every now and again I was allowed to choose a few sweets, pop or crisps. So...
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