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Art and Artists

Posted 08-03-2005 at 16:03 by Acrylic-bob (Madder Lake is my favorite colour)

It was my very great pleasure to bump into one of Accrington’s celebrities the other day. It was while I was bent double rooting through a box of hearing aids and other assorted bric-a-brac in the premises of the Blind Institute on Bank Street that two scarlet nailed and heavily jewelled fingers, attached to a liver spotted hand, were inserted into my nostrils and I was unceremoniously hooked out of the way. The hand, it turned out, belonged to that well-known Accrington Artist and bon-viveur, Dame Enid Proust, MBE. FRA. How opportune I thought, once my eyes had stopped watering, and I determined to seize the opportunity, Carpe Proustem, as it were, to elicit her opinion on the whole Panopticon farrago. Surprisingly, after many years of indolence,...
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Last Weekend

Posted 07-03-2005 at 10:33 by Dean

well last weekend was fun turned 17 on SAT at 9.20pm stayed in most of the tyime with my gf after going out for a meal at the brown cow haslingden it was quite nice and would recomend it.

on sunday went out to help with a D of E day walk around the bottom of pendle hill was quite fun. going from downham to barley next week for a 2 day practice exppedition. will be more fun and am looking forward to it

i have completed my D of E up to the GOLD residential just so you all know
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What a laugh...

Posted 06-03-2005 at 11:06 by lettie

Last night was such good fun. Feeling a bit tired and bleary, I agreed to go to the Stag for a drink with Sparky. We'd been planning on going all week but yesterday, if truth be known, I didn't really feel that enthusiastic about going. I am so glad I did. We had a brilliant night, the group that was on were superb and such good fun. Nette had made me a birthday cake as a surprise and I had already been told off by Mez for not coming clean that it was my birthday at the Accy web meet up. The way I see it is that 37 is not really an age to celebrate, maybe I'll push the boat out for my 40th.
I have to go to work now and to be truthful I feel like cr*p. I didn't drink much last night, but a combination of a late night, lots of singing...
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Gathering pace

Posted 05-03-2005 at 17:27 by lettie

Have managed to do some more work on the assignment today and I am on target for having at least half of it done before the hols. Went to Asda this morning, couldn't believe how busy that place is on a Saturday or was it that it was full of kiddies with their harassed looking daddies buying up all the floral arrangement type gifts for mother's day. It makes me laugh that these things are way over-priced at this time of year. My mum will get a good bottle of wine and some very expensive biscuits which I bought because I loved the tin. She'll appreciate that much more than flowers as she likes to see flowers growing in their own environment rather than dying in a vase.
Off to the Stag tonight, there's a singer on so I thought that I would...
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If at first you don't succeed...

Posted 05-03-2005 at 14:01 by Acrylic-bob (Madder Lake is my favorite colour)

It is with a heavy heart that I come before you all this morning. Acylic-bob has failed and is back on the weed.

I woke on Thursday morning in the grip of the most ferocious itch. My whole body was on fire. No, it was worse than that. It went to the centre of my being, my very soul itched. It screamed out for the balm that only tobacco could bring. Had there been a brick wall between me and a cigarette at that moment I would willingly have clawed and bitten my way through it. I would have done anything, crawled across broken glass, wrestled crocodiles, said something nice about HBC! (Whoa, steady on there Bob!) As it happens all I actually had to do was put my coat on and walk down to the papershop. So I did.

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