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well I'll be....

Posted 04-03-2005 at 17:15 by lettie

A monkey's uncle. I have actually managed to sort out some of my assignment this afternoon. My introduction is now complete and I have managed to integrate the first part of my case study into the research. It's all very boring but I need to have completed at least half of it before I go away. The thing has to be handed in less than 3 weeks after I get back from my hols. Unfortunately I can't buy a couple of extra weeks as UCLAN don't consider gallivanting to the other side of the world for a month to be an extenuating circumstance.
I am getting really excited now about this holiday. Have I mentioned lately that it is now only 13 days away. I'm going to have to start packing soon, but I'm not taking much. it's much cheaper to buy clothes...
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I don't believe it...

Posted 03-03-2005 at 18:05 by lettie

Been to Uni today. My friend reminded me the other day that we were supposed to be doing a presentation of some of our work today and I'd completely forgotten about it. Managed to wing it through the presentation and got some good pointers towards finishing my current assignment, so the day wasn't a complete waste of time. I did get some good news whilst I was there. My last assignment passed and I got quite a good grade. The results have been out for a fortnight, but I'd been putting off going for them because I thought I had probably failed it, in which case they would contact me. Reckoned it would save me a trip. I'm off now for the next 2 days, so I'm hoping to finally get cracking with doing some more of the current assignment. I seem...
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Another thursday

Posted 03-03-2005 at 10:16 by slinky

Oh well 2 more shifts at work then I have 2 WEEKS OFF!! yippee.
Not sure what I will do with the time, but relaxing is high on the agenda.
Going for a meal on friday to a chinese place in Haslingdon (can't remember name now), near winfieds, looks to be a good girls night out!!
Well nothing to report, feeling tired today, cat kept me awake most of the night knocking on the front door, he clings onto the little lip that holds the glass in, and flips the letter box with his back paws.......silly cat, must look comical from outside. When you open the door he is just there swinging on the door. Then you have the dog that can open the front door by herself (actually think she is the one that learned the cat to knock).
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Day Two

Posted 02-03-2005 at 17:23 by Acrylic-bob (Madder Lake is my favorite colour)

I slept unusually heavily last night, so much so that I do not remember the alarm going off this morning. Which is odd since it is on the other side of the room and I have to get out of bed to turn it off. I have felt like death warmed over and left to go cold again all day. Fortunately I have only had one row today, very sensibly, people have been keeping well out of my way.

Not that I am an ogre really, it's just that those who know me have been here before and all know that the best way to handle my mood swings is to pretend that I have something horribly infectious and run for the hills whenever I draw near.

Yesterday evening was horrible. I spent most of it trying to talk myself out of walking down to the...
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The verger did it......

Posted 01-03-2005 at 11:01 by lettie

Got some lovely pressies for my birthday, marred only by the fact that I have to go to work, and yesterday was another hellish day. Had a look on some of the Yorkshire websites that Sparky sent me the links for. Our mysterious jumper from the tower of York Minster was actually one of the vergers. In the news report it said that his colleagues who have worked with him for 25 years said that he didn't appear depressed and that his behaviour had been normal over the last few weeks. I sometimes struggle with the term 'normal.' I don't like it. What is normal for me, might seem grossly abnormal to somebody else and vice versa. Needless to say, I think it is so sad that there was obviously something wrong with this fella, and nobody noticed. Are...
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