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Day one -- It begins.

Posted 01-03-2005 at 08:31 by Acrylic-bob (Madder Lake is my favorite colour)

I smoked my last cigarette at 10:30 last night. I cockily screwed up the empty packet and ceremonially cast it into the inky depths of the dustbin. I felt quite pleased with myself and marvellously empowered! I took a deep breath of clean night air and noticed Acrylic-Biff looking at me from the depths of the Rhododenron bush. This is a favorite place, what he gets up to in there I cannot imagine and prefer not to enquire, but if ever I cannot find him that is usually where he is. There was a quality of scepticism in the baleful glare he levelled at me. An unexpressed "Yeah, Right!" hung in the gelid air between us and for an instant I felt the solid wall of my resolve tremble a little.

Undaunted by the curr's misgivings...
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It's nearly March!

Posted 28-02-2005 at 16:29 by WillowTheWhisp

I'm having a little grumble to myself about the gym this morning.
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A funny kind of day

Posted 28-02-2005 at 11:04 by lettie

My days out are usually fairly uneventful, ok maybe the occasional incident but all my travelling has had nothing on the events of yesterday. There we were, sitting in a cafe across from York Minster, when some poor unfortunate soul pitched himself off the top of it. I was facing the window, luckily concentrating on my sandwich. When I looked up a crowd of tourists had gathered. I realised that they didn't seem to be staring at the beautiful architecture of the Minster, but at ground level. Emergency services started to arrive, chucked a sheet over the fella who was obviously dead and cordoned off the area. I think Sparky realised that when I once said that nothing puts me off eating, I meant it. That's what working for the NHS does to you....
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Posted 27-02-2005 at 21:22 by slinky

Well what a day. Got in at 2am this morning in bed at 3am ALARM screaming at 6:30am in work at 7:30am. I could'nt function at work properly, not that I was hung over for a change I was'nt, but I was absolutly shattered and will not be doing that again in a hurry. I have fought with my eyes all day because they want to shut, and I need them open. Went to the ASDA looking dog rough then let hubby un pack while I went and had a sleep for a couple of hours. Still don't feel awake so early night on agenda.
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Day out

Posted 27-02-2005 at 11:27 by lettie

Off to York today for a day out. It's ages since I've been there so I'm really looking forward to it. Had a good night last night and managed to stay sober. I can't believe I only had 3 drinks all night, but the truth is that any more and I would probably have fallen asleep. On the way home today, we are stopping at the Old Silent Inn at Haworth for a meal. It's my birthday treat and I love the food there, so I can feel a bit of over indulgence coming on.
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