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Productive day

Posted 09-02-2005 at 17:01 by lettie

Well, after yesterdays oversleeping fiasco, I went back to bed at 11pm and managed to sleep like a log until 7am (assisted by half a bottle of shiraz). I must have needed the kip. Got loads done today, my Asda shop, some washing and cleaning, had a good walk with the dog and managed to get my hair cut. I have even done nearly 1000 words of my assignment. Just another 3000 words and references to go, but at least I've made a start. Everyone is starting to say I look tired, went to see Grego last night who commented and my hairdresser today said she'd never seen me look so knackered. They are having half price decleor facials during February at the beauty salon above my hairdressers so I've booked one for next week. They are 20 when they should...
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Posted 08-02-2005 at 17:16 by lettie

Oh my God! I've overslept!!!!! Just done some nights and normally sleep until lunchtime after my last night. I remember my alarm going off at 1pm and me just thinking I'll have another 5 minutes. 4.15 I woke up. I'm not working tonight, so I'll be heading back to bed in another 5-6 hours. What a waste of a day....
Sparky came round this morning before I went to bed. He flew to Poland this morning to work for a week, so I'm all alone. I will have to try and make a start on my assignment for Uni while he's away. I'm doing a critical care module as part of my degree. The tutor has never done any critical care in her life. I'll eat hay with a donkey if she has. She skirts around every question we ask her and never gives a straight answer....
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Posted 07-02-2005 at 11:20 by slinky

tell you i am losing the plot just added a something to my journal in the total wrong place GRRRRRRRRRRR oh well if i was'nt working it would be a bed day for me i think.
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From bad to worse.

Posted 06-02-2005 at 17:08 by lettie

I worked a night shift last night to cover for sickness. The world and his wife have got this cold that's going round. They're dropping like flies at QPH (the staff that is). I'm in again tonight and only managed to get about 4 hours sleep so I'll be totally wasted by 4am. My neck has decided to sprout this ugly looking boil type thing. I thought it was just a spot but as the night wore on it got bigger and bigger. I now feel like I'm growing some sort of extra bodily appendage and am beginning to resemble Baldrick from Blackadder. To cap it all, I can't seem to be able to contact my better half. I've sent text messages, a pm and tried to ring his phone, all to no avail. I'm beginning to get a bit concerned that maybe I should be ringing round...
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A day off...

Posted 02-02-2005 at 17:26 by lettie

I am so looking forward to friday. I have a whole day off and I am spoilt for choice about what to do with it. Do I clean up (the place needs it) do I start my Uni assignment ( have to start somewhere) or do I spend the day dossing around doing bits and bobs but not really doing much (tempting).... Hmmm, the trouble is that I have too many choices. It's the same with everything in life. I once went into Starbucks in Hong Kong for a quick coffee. I was killing time waiting for the ferry to take me back to the island after a day in Kowloon. I asked for a coffee and was met with Espresso? Cappucino? half fat, low fat, decaf, regular, with milk, cream, black, brown or white sugar. I just wanted a bloody coffee and after the list of coffees, I wouldn't...
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