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Telephone tales

Posted 31-01-2005 at 10:49 by lettie

We don't half get some daft phone calls on our unit. We were discussing some of them yesterday at work and remembering some of the funny ones. Why do people insist on ringing the hospital for the tiniest little thing. It provides us with much amusement though. Here's a recent one.

Me. "Hello delivery suite, ******* speaking, can I help you."
Caller. "Hello, me and my husband did it last night and I'm bleeding."
Me. "Where are you bleeding from and how much blood is there?"
Caller. I'm bleeding from down below, I don't know how much, it dropped into the toilet, but there was some on the tissue when I wiped myself."
Me. "What colour was the blood, was it fresh...
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Thoroughly naffed off

Posted 29-01-2005 at 09:47 by lettie

I can sum up this week with very few words. Work, work, work, University, cleaning up and work. It's the Accy web meet up tonight and under normal circumstances I would be looking forward to going along for a chat and a laugh, but you guessed it......I'm working.
The dog's water works still seem to be ok but she found a load of used cooking fat tins dumped outside Accy cricket club yeaterday while we were out walking. She decided to tuck in to the rancid fat, as I hadn't yet caught up to her I was in no position to stop her. I am now awaiting the castor oil effect that it is bound to have. Isn't life exciting........
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My life is so GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Posted 28-01-2005 at 15:12 by slinky

Oh well got up this morning, same old day, took the kids to school then lounged around at tinks all day, came home and did nothing again hehehehe!!!!!!!!!! I am bored stupid and my son is harrasing me to play on black hawk down.
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Keep forgetting this is here

Posted 26-01-2005 at 20:50 by WillowTheWhisp

I finally got round to getting my old mobile number transferred to my new phone.

My memory is still hopeless though. Should have gone to a meeting tonight but forgot what day it was.

Must remember to book cat into cattery before hols.
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I must be mad

Posted 23-01-2005 at 21:29 by lettie

Worked a long day today, I must be crackers. I can't believe I am so tired as it has been a nice shift for a change. How on Earth could the government expect us to work until we are 65. I think it will be dangerous working in acute areas at that age. I know plenty of people who are struggling and they are much younger. All I can say is that it will certainly put patients at risk. I can just imagine someone of 65 trying to run the length of the ward with the defib, she would probably need use of it herself after that. There are people at work who can't do shifts on labour ward due to bad backs etc and they are all significantly younger than 65.
My mum has had the dog for the afternoon. She's sleeping in her chair now as she's probably...
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