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Lazy day

Posted 24-12-2004 at 13:04 by lettie

Having a lazy day today. The bulk of the cleaning and ironing was done yesterday. All I need to do is nip to the shops for some milk and do a big pan of stew or bolognese to take to work with me on my nights. I refuse to live off sandwiches and my stew tastes better when it's been frozen and eaten a few days later.
The cold sore situation is much improved, most of the scab has dropped off this morning, narrowly missing my cornflakes which is quite disgusting really. It looks a lot better. Took the hamper to my mums last night, as some of the things in it needed refrigerating and my fridge is full. She was really surprised, called by this morning when I was walking the dog and she is well pleased and says that there is nothing in there...
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getting organised

Posted 23-12-2004 at 07:39 by lettie

I have only one more bag of pressies to deliver then I'm all done. I will do it today so that by tonight I will be able to go and have a drink in the Stag without worrying that I still have loads to do. Went round Asda yesterday. It was manic, you'd think the shops were shutting forever with the amount of stuff that people buy. I have been making a surprise food hamper for my mum. It is going to be from her grand children and my dog, as she looks after the dog when I'm working so it's kind of a thankyou. The hamper is nearly complete now and I have to admit it looks good. I took a big box from work to put all the food in, and it just fits in nicely. I have had to cover the box with wrapping paper though, as it said Vernaid vaginal examination...
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Childbearing Lips!!!!

Posted 21-12-2004 at 22:16 by lettie

Ouch..... I am in pain today. My lips are so chapped that all the skin is peeling off. They have got progressively worse over the course of my night shifts, and my day shift today. I'm sure it is a combination of the heating and air con at work, then coming out into the cold. I have lip balm but it hasn't helped. My top lip is red raw and has lost a couple of layers of skin. To cap all of that, I am also developing a cold sore right in the middle of it. Every time I try to eat or drink anything it hurts. I'm not normally a moaner ( I broke my arm 4 years ago and refused to go to casualty until I'd walked the dog and had a bath) this sore lip thingy is spoiling my enjoyment of food and drink and that cannot be tolerated. They are so swollen...
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Posted 20-12-2004 at 18:58 by slater_scott

absolutly gutted.

lets get the festive season over with.
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profitable sidelines

Posted 20-12-2004 at 17:50 by lettie

I don't know why I've been running round like an idiot trying to do Christmas shopping. I need look no further than work. I'm amazed at how many of my colleagues have profitable little sidelines going on. You can buy almost anything from QPH. Heather does voluntary work on a farm, everybody orders their turkey from Heather. She brings them to the car park 2 days before Xmas freshly killed and plucked, giblets still insitu and whatever size you want. Alison's hubby has a fruit and veg shop. You place your order for whatever you want the week before and she is on the car park on Xmas eve. Louise is very creative, this year she has a selection of very warm and colourful handmade adult and children's scarves, they are lovely and she made them all....
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