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mind numbing

Posted 14-12-2004 at 15:45 by lettie

Before today, I never realised it was possible to fall asleep with your eyes open but I swear I did. This cirriculum planning meeting thingy was so tedious and nit picky. It is to try and get validation for a new midwifery top-up degree. We have to go before the validation committee in February and present the damn thing to them, so that they can nit pick over it too. How the hell did I get involved in all this? I am seriously considering never speaking to my colleagues and personal tutor again. Not only have I been sh1t on from a great height but I am also to be the subject of a study by the tutors. I feel like a bloody lab rat. According to my tutor, they have to do case studies of their post registration students while they are doing their...
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Hello and welcome

Posted 14-12-2004 at 11:21 by entwisi

I thought its about time a sorted out some sort of blog. Life with me is an interesting journey. Hopefully someone somewhere may find it interesting.

The journey to work is a long and dangerous one. The 55 miles combine with the worst that our wonderful motorway system can offer with the need to be out the door before 6 if I want to get to work in a reasonable amount of time. This morning was quite light. Obviously people are leaving their cars at home so they can get bladdered at the works Xmas do. I only wish it was so easy everyday.

I had some nice Jerky delivered the other day( Venison with Red Wine and Black pepper. Lovely stuff. I started it this lunchtime....
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I think I'm ready for Christmas

Posted 13-12-2004 at 22:39 by WillowTheWhisp

All the decorations are up. The tree is twinkling. Most of my cards are written. Cards and presents which needed to be sent by post have gone. Other presents are either delivered or wrapped and sitting round the Christmas tree. I've eaten my first mince pie of the season. Christmas carols are playing on my PC and I actually think everything is under control at last.

Something is bound to go wrong!!!
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bloody dog!!!!

Posted 13-12-2004 at 19:57 by lettie

I let my dog drag me out for a walk today up Highams playing field. Why does everybody in the world have the perfect dog - except me??? She doesn't come when called, in fact she does the opposite and legs it. She always finds the stinkiest mud and rolls in it, she pinches toys from other dogs and chases the trains that run along the bottom of the field. Luckily she's way too fat to catch one. Everybody else seems to have the perfectly behaved dog whereas mine (despite training) is totally heedless. I love her to bits and life's never dull, but I do wish she'd behave occasionally.
I have to go to University tomorrow for a meeting and to hand in the dreaded assignment, which quite honestly is not the best one I've ever done. The meeting...
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Posted 13-12-2004 at 15:41 by staggeringman (THE UPS AND DOWNS !!)

I have decided to write about the day to day running of a public house.people may think it is easy to run a pub but it is sheer hard work ,maybe not physically but mentally.It can also upset familys,when you want a day off you have to find someone trustworthy enough to run the place for you!What happens when the punters stay away?you still have bills to pay, and beer to sell.
hopefully i can get time to tell you by entering the days of life in a pub in this journal the day is monday the13th of december got to make the supper for monday night domminoes?Its cold outside so something warm is the order of the day,a nice pan of stew will go down well.A regular customer called in on his way to bingo, he didnt look very well...
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